Town of Hawley Selectboard Meeting Minutes -- 2017 - 2019
Notes and Instructions
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2019 2018 2017
December '19 December '18 December '17
        122617.pdf 122617.txt
        121217.pdf 121217.txt
November '19 November '18 November '17
        112817.pdf 112817.txt
        112117.pdf 112117.txt
        111417.pdf 111417.txt
October '19 October '18 October '17
        103117.pdf 103117.txt
        101717.pdf 101717.txt
        100317.pdf 100317.txt
September '19 September '18 September '17
        091917.pdf 091917.txt
    091118.pdf 091118.txt​ 090517.pdf 090517.txt
August '19 August '18 August '17
    082118.pdf 082118.txt​ 082217.pdf 082217.txt
    080718.pdf 080718.txt​ 080817.pdf 080817.txt
July '19 July '18 July '17
    072418.pdf 072418.txt 072517.pdf 072517.txt
    071018.pdf 071018.txt​ 071117.pdf 071117.txt
June '19 June '18 June '17
    062618.pdf 062618.txt 062717.pdf 062717.txt
    061918.pdf 061918.txt 061317.pdf 061317.txt
    061218.pdf 061218.txt 060617.pdf 060617.txt
May '19 May '18 May '17
    052918.pdf 052918.txt 053017.pdf 053017.txt
    051518.pdf 051518.txt 051617.pdf 051617.txt
    050118.pdf​ 050118.txt 050217.pdf 050217.txt
April '19 April '18 April '17
    041718.pdf 041718.txt 041817.pdf 041817.txt
    040318.pdf 040318.txt 040417.pdf 040417.txt
March '19 March '18 March '17
    032018.pdf 032018.txt    
    031317-With-Fin-Com.pdf 031317-With-Fin-Com.txt 032117.pdf 032117.txt
    030618.pdf 030618.txt 030817.pdf 030817.txt
February '19 February '18 February '17
    022018.pdf 022018.txt 022117.pdf 022117.txt
    020618.pdf 020618.txt 021417.pdf 021417.txt
January '19 January '18 January '17
    012318.pdf 012318.txt 012417.pdf 012417.txt
    010918.pdf 010918.txt 011017.pdf 011017.txt
2019 2018 2017
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Notes and Instructions: These minutes of the Hawley Selectboard meetings are presented as part of the Town's commitment to transparency in government. From January, 2017 forward, they are compliant with new State regulations in that they are presented in both ".pdf" and ".txt"  (machine-readable) file formats.  Please note that the .txt documents have been converted from MS Word, and their formatting paramaters will have changed.

The documents posted here were created after any substantial changes were made, and are duplicates of the raw documents that were formally signed and dated by the Board of Selectmen. Minor, last-minute changes are sometimes made by hand at the time of signing; therefore some of these files may differ slightly from their signed and dated counterparts.

Because of the time it takes to process and approve minutes after a Selectboard meeting has taken place, posting of minutes on this website could generally lag behind the date when the meeting occurred by as much as 90 calendar days.

The filenames posted here are dated using a standard DD/MM/YY format. The date shown on the filename is the date that the Selectboard meeting actually took place. The files are displayed in reverse chronological order → with the most recent item on top.