Website Calendar Hints

From November, 2015 forward, the Calendar is self-archiving, so we'll have a Town Diary as well as a Calendar.
♦ The Calendar has four display "views" -- Month, List, Week and Day.  It is set to default to "Month" but you can change the view by clicking on the tabs at the top right corner of the calendar.
♦ The red arrows at top center of the calendar will take you to different months -- right to go forward, left to go backward. 
♦ Likewise, the "year" indicators will jump you to the year ahead or the year behind.
♦ If you want more information about an event, click on the text.  A pop-up will appear containing a description, links to downloads, etc., that looks like this:


♦ Please note:  The date sequence in the second line (the one in this illustration with the "eye" next to it) is non-standard for most North Americans -- the format is DD/MM/YY (the European standard?) rather than MM/DD/YY.  Rely on the line at the very top and the information in the body copy for the correct date display.  In contrast to the dates, the times shown in line 2 are OK.

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