Prevent Tick Illness

(Can be VERY serious!!!)

While ticks can bite at any time of year, the warmer temps of spring are sure to bring an increase in tick activity.  Here are some steps to take to prepare for a safe season:

♦ Pre-treat shoes and outer clothes with PERMETHRIN.  Protects for 70 washes!

♦ DIY or send out kids camp clothes to be treated. 

♦ Be sure pets are protected from Lyme and wear a repellant.

♦ Be vigilant about checking daily for ticks. 

♦ If bitten: grab with pointed tweezers very close to skin, near or on the head, and pull straight out. Wash skin after removal. 

♦ ID ticks:  Only black legged deer ticks transmits Lyme.  Generally, it takes more than 24 hours attachment for disease transmission to occur.

Two great references for more info: and

Tick identification cards and other informational materials are at the Hawley Town Office for pick up. For even more info contact the Regional Public Health Nurse, Lisa White at 413-665-1400 x 114.

(Thanks to Cass Nawrocki for this material.) 

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