On June 9, 2020, the Select Board adopted new rules allowing limited reopening of the Town Office to the public during staff office hours.  Members of the public are still strongly encouraged to use the phone, email, and other remote means, whenever possible, to resolve Town related business.  However, in cases where a resident feels they require an in-person visit, it may be allowed at staff discretion, subject to the following rules:

1. All visits must be by appointment scheduled in advance.  This may be done by calling (339-5518) or by emailing ( the Town Office or the staff member the resident requires a meeting with.  Staff will work together on scheduling to ensure a safe number of people in the building at any given time (see Item 2 below).
2. No more than two members of the public will be allowed in the building at once.
3. Social distancing will be required and visitors will also be required to wear a face mask or covering, with the exception of those suffering a bona fide medical condition which precludes mask wearing.  Staff will not require supporting documentation from anyone claiming a medical condition.
4. Meetings will be kept as brief as possible to resolve the business at hand.  Staff shall have discretion in terms of scheduling visits and may request a resident utilize alternate means to an in-person visit (such as mail, email, fax, or phone call) where practical for both the resident and staff.  While encouraged, no one will be required to utilize fax or Internet based alternatives and staff will not assume anyone has access to the same.
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