Have You Received One of These
In Your Email?
If not, that probably means you havent registered your interest in FHMS Broadband with OTELCO, yet. To do so, go to the dedicated Four Towns page on the OTELCO website. <> Web Address: www.otelco.com/fhms/ 
<> Phone:  1-866-746-3873, Option 2
The GOOD NEWS is that it's now a matter of a few months and days until the network is complete. Now is the time to let OTELCO know of your interest, unless  you're sure you've already done so.
The OTELCO logo shown above is part of the confirmation message you'll receive via email indicating that you are in the queue, first for a conversation about interest, needs and pricing, and second, about placing an order. 
When you go to the OTELCO website, you will find the price schedule toward the bottom of the left-hand column and the online registration form on the top of the right-hand column. Make sure to fill out the form and hit the "submit" button.
<> Web Address: www.otelco.com/fhms/ 
<> Phone:  1-866-746-3873, Option 2
<> FHMS (or FHMS Four Towns) - Stands for the Towns of  Florida, Hawley, Monroe, and Savoy
<> Four Towns (or FHMS) Broadband Committee - The  Committee that oversees construction and disbursement of funds for the project on behalf of the Selectboards of the Four Towns.
<> Interisle - The telecomunications network consulting firm that provides much of the network design.
<> MBI - Massachusetts Broadband Instite. The state agency serving as funding source and support system for the project.
<> OTELCO - The multistate telecommunications company that provides Internet Services to FMHS customers and helps guarantee  operational stability.
<> WiValley - The telecommunications engineering and construction firm that oversees and performs most of the tasks related to construction and engineering on the project.
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