Poles of Progress -- Pole Deliveries to WiValley
Speed Up Four Towns Broadband Network Construction

As of 10/7/19

♦ Above: Panoramic view from new Pole in Savoy​

♦ Above: Pole Installation in Savoy

Right: Completed Savoy Pole Site. ⇒

The Four Towns Broadband Network is a joint project between the Towns of Florida, Hawley, Monroe and Savoy, MA. The physical network is being built and maintained by WiValley, internet services are being provided  by OTELCO and the project is funded by MBI.

♦ Below: View downward from top of First Hawley pole Above: Completed Savoy Pole Site
♦ Above: View from above First Hawley pole​ Hawley Pole Installation Required Drilling Through Ledge
♦ Above: View from the top of the first Hawley pole. ♦ Above: First installation in Florida
Florida's second pole installation.