FHMS Four Towns Wireless Network
Hawley Pole Characteristics

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The purpose of these diagrams is to give residents a visual reference for the poles and apparatus that are to be part of the Hawley's wireless network.

While "scale" models are difficult to implement in a web format because of variable web page and screen sizing, care has been taken to ensure that most dimensions in these drawings are proportional. The drawings were created using SketchUp, a 3-D architectural design program that allows the user to plug in exact dimensions.
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Note: All references to "poles" mean telephone-type wooden  utility poles. No metal towers like the ones we see along the road as we drive through Holyoke and Springfield are comtemplated in Hawley.
  The diagram below shows five pole lengths that will be used in the Hawley installation. Note that while the longest pole depicted here is 80', its height above ground level (AGL) is 68'.    
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Poles and Apparatus:

Perspective View and Closeup

  The drawing below will give residents a visual sense of what the poles will look like, including apparatus, when installed. The image at the left is a proportional rendering based on a scale model of the above-ground segment of a 60' pole (51' AGL) will look like full length.

The drawing in the center is the same pole up close, detailing the dimensions of the apparatus that will be attached to it. Those devices include two sizes of point-to-point antennas (which receive signals from or rerlay them to other antennas), and sector antennas, which go to customers.       
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  Distances between the pole surfaces and the devices shown are not precisely proportional. Dimensions of the devices and the poles are proportional relative to each other. Connectors between the pole and the devices are not shown.  
  How High is Tall?  
  The diagram below compares the various pole heights to that of a typical two-story house:  
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  What About the Trees?  
  This diagram below illustrates the relationship between the poles and three tree heights:

1. Extreme Right: This medium height "fruit tree" is 35 feet tall;
2. Center: This large "conifer" is 50 feet tall; and,
3. Far Left: This extra large "deciduous" tree is 70 feet tall (all
heights are AGL).

Seventy feet is about as tall as most trees grow in this region, though there are certainly some exceptions.
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