But For the Want of a Snow-Melt . . .

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 WAS A DAY OF interesting coincidences and not so cooperative weather non-events as Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito visited the Hawley Town Garage. The purpose of her visit was to inspect the work done to stabilize the Chickley River bank behind the garage that was performed under a Mass Works grant in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

As can be seen in the picture just below, the snow melt didn’t cooperate, so there was very little for the Lieutenant Governor to inspect:

Pictured are Ms. Polito’s State Police Escort,  Highway Sup’t Gary Mitchell, and Rep. Paul Mark’s aide.

Coincidentally, however, work was also underway on a project to replace Town Garage lighting with more efficient LED technology. This task is being performed by a group of students from  Franklin County Vocational Tech School in Turners Falls, and some of them had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Polito. See below:

Three Franklin County Vocational Tech School students confer with Lieutenant Governor Polito.

According to Selectboard Chairman Hussain Hamdan, Ms. Polito was very open to input and several important issues were discussed, including Broadband, Middle Road and the special needs of a town Hawley’s size.

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