Town Office Spruce-Up Mission Accomplished . . .

THE FRANKLIN COUNTY SHERRIFF’S WORK CREW has completed repainting the exterior of the Hawley Town Office, with the help of a few dedicated Hawley volunteers.  The project was completed on Monday afternoon, October 26, as planned.  The group went on to repaint  a small Town storage shed on East Hawley Road, a project which took two more days. 

Here’s what was accomplished at the Town Office:

♦ all of the prep work, including scraping, repairs to the building and priming;
♦ all of the final coats and the hard-to reach places;
♦ painting of the back door, clapboards and trim;

patches to some corner boards;
resuscitation and rehab of the Town Office sign;
♦ reconstruction of a crumbling window shutter; 
♦ replacement of several clapboards and sheathing pieces low on the sides of the building; and,
♦ replacement of a four-foot length of sill.

While most of the work was done by a group of six Franklin County Sherriff Department Trusty’s under the watchful eye of their Guard/Supervisor, Sherriff’s Deputy Martin Neuhauser, the following Hawley volunteers provided impetus, logistical support, organization and tools that helped the project along:

♦ Lloyd Crawford
♦ Pam Shrimpton
♦ Phil Keenan

Lark Thwing
♦ Rick Kean
♦ Virginia Gabert

Special mention goes to the staff of Avery’s Store for their patient and speedy responses to a number of repetitive, tiny orders for painting and carpentry supplies.

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