Tree Warden

treewardentreeIt is the Tree Warden’s responsibility to oversee the planting of trees (birth), to maintain and care for the trees (life), and to remove injured or dangerous trees in the public area (death). The Tree Warden organizes and keeps track of every public shade tree that is to be planted and every tree that has already been planted in the town of Hawley. It is the Tree Warden’s goal not only to preserve the community forestry of Hawley, but to enhance it.

Since the late 1890s, by the General Laws in Massachusetts, every town is required to have a Tree Warden.


The Tree Warden determines where trees can be planted within public property (the common, streets, parks, etc). Planting a tree on town property or street rights of way without consent from the Tree Warden is a violation of state law because the tree may become an obstacle or could be endangered if planted in the wrong spot.


The Tree Warden maintains all public shade trees by inspection, pruning, and trimming where needed. Pest control is also part of the Tree Warden’s duties in caring for the health of our trees.


Dead public shade trees in the town of Hawley are removed immediately. Additionally, the Tree Warden must remove hazardous public shade trees that are found to be structurally weak and liable to fall. Generally when limbs fall it serves as an indication to when a tree may be weak, though sometimes the entire tree falls without warning. Such cases can be avoided if trees are raised healthy.

If you are aware of any unsafe public shade trees in any public way, please contact the Tree Warden immediately at 339-5509 (town garage) or call the town office at 339-5518.