Burials and Cemeteries

Burial Agent

Liz Billings, 413-339-5518 or EMAIL.

The duties and responsibilities of the Town Burial Agent include the following:

  • Provide death certificates of Hawley residents on request.
  • Record all Hawley resident deaths in permanent Town Record book.
  • Report all deaths annually in the Town Report.
  • Send monthly record of resident deaths to the State of Massachusetts.
  • Work with various funeral homes to acquire and record exact time of death, date, address of resident and personal information.
  • Maintain cemetery records as to plot information, name of cemetery where residents are buried, and indicate whether a cremation or full burial took place.
  • Collect fees from the family of the deceased and submit them to the Town Treasurer on a monthly basis. (This includes submitting blank reports during each month that no death has occurred.)

Other Duties

Other duties include:

  • Keeping records accurate and up to date.
  • Bringing cemetery records current, as they have lagged behind in prior years and have not been kept up.
  • Bringing fees up to standards that are compatible with the amount of work involved in upkeep.


Members of the Public can call Cass Nawrocki at 413-339-5528 or Email her to request burial information, including pricing and plot availability.

Volunteers Needed

The Burial Agent is looking for Hawley residents to help with maintaining accurate records or any resident who may have cemetery information to share with the Town.

Amended Cemetery Rules, Regulations and Procedures

Effective February 6, 2018, the Town has completed and adopted an amended set of Cemetary Rules, Regulations and Procedures.

They include some significant changes. Download the documents: