Highway News . . .

THE 8A ROAD REPAIR PROJECT, AKA “Slump” Project, has begun. Maxymillian (the Pittsfield-based construction and environmental remediation firm) is repairing approximately 1500 feet of Route 8A at its intersection with Pudding Hollow Road.  They will be installing a drainage system to better accommodate storm water in that area, and correct the issues that have caused a portion of the roadway to sink every spring. 

Construction is to be substantially completed by mid December, with top-coat of pavement most likely waiting until the Spring. There is a shortage of available flaggers, so there may not always be as many workers directing traffic as desirable.  Please drive slowly and use caution! 
The project had been delayed due to permitting and bidding requirements, and we are grateful that Maxymilian was able to take it on so late in the year.

They will keep one lane open during the day, but as the site involves an intersection at a sharp bend in the road, everyone’s patience and cooperation is appreciated. Watch for vehicles and workers in and around that area, and be repared for possible short delays.  Thank you!

The Slump project is funded by an infrastructurte grant from Mass Works.

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