Successful Rallye (and Rally) . . .

(Town Admin. Asst. Cass Nawrocki Reporting) ABOUT 30 PEOPLE ATTENDED the celebration of the repair and reopening of Middle Road. Weather was perfect, sunny and breezy, with some dark clouds holding off until the visiting, viewing of ‘before’ pictures, and refreshments at the Town Office were done.

After the slow drive along Hunt and Middle Roads — by a caravan of almost a dozen rugged, dusty vehicles —  most participants spoke of being impressed with how large a job it was to bring Middle Road into it’s current condition.  Clearly this was a long and expensive project for which we are grateful! 

The Gathering Before . . . . . . The Meeting After.

Department of Conservation and Recreation Commissioner Leo Roy spoke at length of the path that led to this day and of Governor Baker’s commitment to meeting a critical need for the town of Hawley for transport in addition to meeting his commitment to addressing Climate Change with mitigation efforts across Massachusetts. 

Hawley’s Selectboard Chair, Hussain Hamdan, also reiterated the efforts begun by prior Selectboard member John Sears, as well as efforts continued under his own tenure. 

Suzy Groden of West Hawley Road, has plans to write a more detailed history of the destruction and revival of these roads for the next publication of the EDGE (published by the Sons and Daughters of Hawley).

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