The Regional Mattress Recycling Program Has Begun!

The Franklin County Solid Waste Management District is working with five towns to accept clean and dry mattresses and box springs for recycling. This program is open to residents in all District towns. The program is only for clean and dry fabric-covered mattresses and box springs, including foam and crib mattresses. Continue reading

Bulky Waste Day is Saturday, October 22 @ Mohawk Regional School

The Franklin County Solid Waste Management District is holding its Fall “Clean Sweep” Bulky Waste Recycling Day on Saturday, October 22 from 9 a.m. to noon. The three drop-off sites are: Mohawk Trail Regional School at 26 Ashfield Rd. (Route 112 South); Northfield Highway Garage at 49 Caldwell Rd; and Whately Transfer Station at 73 Christian Lane.

Residents from any District town (including Hawley) may bring bulky items such as tires, appliances, scrap metal, furniture, mattresses, carpeting, construction debris, computers, televisions, propane gas tanks, and other large items. Materials will be recycled whenever possible. There are charges for most items. Disposal fees, cash only, will be collected during check-in at each site. A complete list of prices for the most common items is at:

Price List

The price list is also available at the Town Office. Residents and businesses do not need to pre-register for the collection. Electronics are accepted at the event, but residents are also encouraged to recycle computer equipment and televisions at their town’s transfer station, or at Greenfield Transfer Station. Staples stores accept computer equipment (no TVs) free of charge: call your local store for details. Clean, dry textiles and books are accepted for free at this collection. Textiles must be contained inside a sturdy plastic bag. 95% of all textiles can be recycled or reused; clothing or linens that are torn, stained, with missing buttons or broken zippers can be recycled into insulation. Acceptable items include CLEAN & DRY clothing, shoes, and accessories; plus curtains, sheets, towels and stuffed animals in any condition (except moldy or wet). Books can be in any condition except moldy or wet, and can be hardcover or paperback. No encyclopedias.

Bulky Rigid Plastics will be collected separately for a special recycling program; $5 per load. Acceptable items for this special recycling program are limited to these items only: 5-gallon pails, plastic lawn furniture, plastic trash barrels, recycling bins, laundry baskets, storage totes, and milk crates. Bulky rigid plastic items must be empty and free of batteries, soil, rocks, and liquids. For more information, contact the District office at or 413-772- 2438. MA Relay for the hearing impaired: 711 or 1-800-439-2370 (TTY/TDD).


There will be a FLU clinic this week, on Wednesday, September 28, from 10 a.m. to noon. at the Charlemont Federated Church. Both standard and senior/high-dose formulas will be available. Here the other area clinics that will be dispensing both COVID and FLU vaccines during the month of October.

Bring your insurance cards.

Internet Outage Explained . . .

AS THESE THINGS TEND TO GO, Saturday’s Internet Outage was resolved relatively quickly. Project Manager Lark Thwing comments:

Many of you know that we had a network outage from mid morning until around 5 pm on Saturday. Project Lead Brian Foucher tells me that the fiber to Chapel Road in Savoy was repaired by 5 pm and the fiber connection to the Florida Town Hall was repaired shortly after.

Brian told me that the outage was due to a fiber break in North Adams.

I am waiting to learn what caused the fiber outages and is there anything we could do so we can prevent this type of occurrence in the future.

We have redundancy and both main links failed at once it seems.

Please spread this info within your communities.


Kirby (Lark) Thwing

Of Trash Bags and Hazardous Waste

Orange trash bags have arrived, but we don’t have a lot. We’re asking people to purchase only two packages (20 bags) at a time so that everyone who needs them can get them. Please give Tinky a call at 339-5518 to let me know when you’d like to pick some up. As of August 3 Greg Cox will have some as well.

The Franklin County Solid Waste District is planning to hold the 2022 household hazardous waste collection on Saturday, September 24, at GCC’s Main Campus and the Orange Transfer Station.

Residents and businesses must pre-register by September 16th. Online pre-registration for the 2022 collection will begin in mid-August at Mail-in registration forms will be available in late August at town transfer stations and in local newspapers.

Continue reading

COVID Masks Available at Town Office

FRCOG Public-health nurse Lisa White has dropped off face masks for use by Hawleyites. We have lots of tri-ply blue paper masks and quite a few N95s. Please stop by during Tinky’s office hours on Tuesday (noon until 3:30) or call to make an appointment to pick up a few.

Hazard-Weary Hawleyites Should Review this Plan

Please examine Hawley’s Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan/Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan, which is POSTED HERE for your review.

Natural Hazard Mitigation Planning is intended to provide the Town of Hawley with a risk-based approach to making planning decisions. Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Planning is intended to support the Town’s climate change resiliency planning and implementation of priority projects.

This plan focuses on both hazard mitigation planning and climate adaptation and satisfies the regulatory requirements for hazard mitigation planning through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and climate adaptation planning through the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs’ Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) grant program.

We welcome your thoughts – please email your comments to Will Cosby at by July 15.

Because COVID Is Not Totally Over . . .

Hawleyites have been doing well in terms of COVID-19 lately, with no reported cases in some time. Nevertheless, FRCOG and the Commonwealth want to remind people that if someone tests positive, there are options. Here is a relevant website to explore: Treatments for COVID-19 |

Town Reports

It’s almost time for THIS YEAR’s town report to come out—and we still have quite a few reports on hand from last year. If you didn’t get one, please call the Town Office (339-5518) and arrange to pick one up.


Please ask your snowplow service to not leave piles of snow in the town road, after he/she has plowed your driveway.

It’s only common courtesy, and it can be so problematic that this is addressed by by-laws in some communities.  Please help out!

Be kind and do the good thing.