Nov-Dec-Jan, 2016/2017 Internet Survey

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER-JANUARY, 2016/2017: THE HAWLEY COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE IS CONDUCTING a new high-speed Internet survey, now that we have a better idea of the type of system we’ll be trying to build. You may have received a copy of the survey in the mail — with a postage paid, self-addressed mailing label on one side to make it easy for you to return it. If you still have it, please use the mailed version — why waste the stamp? If you did not receive the mailing, or if you misplaced it, another copy can be downloaded here:

The “Fillable” Survey Questionnaire The Informational Brochure
Two Versions:
Fillable MSWord Version Fillable pdf Version
For both types of files, the instructions are basically the same. Here’s the short version:
Download ⇒ Save ⇒ Fill Out ⇒ Save ⇒ Email
Click HERE for survey results.

More Detailed Instructions:
1) Both Questionnaires are “fillable.”
2) This means that after you’ve downloaded and saved the document to your computer, you can open it then fill it out using your keyboard.
3) When you’ve completed the blanks, save your file again.
4) Then email the completed file back to us as an attachment, using this email address:
Click HERE for survey results.

Click here to Download the Brochure

What This Brochure Contains: This two-page brochure contains a brief report on the progress of the Communications Committee to date with regard to Broadband for Hawley and a (relatively) non-technical explanation of the essential elements of the wireless system we are proposing. The purpose of the survey is to determine the level of interest in High Speed wireless Internet with unlimited data, given real costs. The “brochure” was part of the package sent out via regular mail. Because the proposed system (or, for that matter, ANY such system), has fixed costs that must be covered no matter how many people sign up, the monthly cost per household goes down depending on subscription level. This is addressed by this brochure.

Want a more technical explanation? Click On . . . Comparison Fact Sheet

We cannot overstate the importance of this survey. It will literally affect whether we decide to go ahead with high-speed Internet in Hawley or not. Whether by regular mail or email, please complete and send in your survey today.