New Warrant Format Works Well . . .

VOTERS AT MONDAY’S ANNUAL TOWN MEETING (May 9) took Hawley’s new budget format in stride as they completed the actions required of them on 22 warrant items in just over two hours. Unlike previous years, when budget line items were presented separately, this time around the entire budget was handled as a single warrant item.

This did not mean that the budget had to be voted on as one lump sum. Voters were still free to “drill down” and consider each line item individually, and, under the direction of Acting Moderator Scott Purinton, did so often as the evening progressed.  Even so, there were very few questions from the floor about the format or how the budget pieces fit together.

(Note: this image was created by combining three different sections of the warrant document.)
Annual Town Meeting Warrant – 2016 [.pdf file]

During the course of the meeting, a few minor changes were made to the Town budget for FY ’17.  Download the final version here:


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