July 9, 2019 Selectboard Meeting Notes . . .

New Selectboard Member Robert (Bob) Maclean was sworn in by the Town Clerk and welcomed back to the Board.

The Zoning Board of Appeals granted the Town of Hawley a Variance to install a pedestal solar unit at the East Hawley Fire Station. Bidding is expected shortly.

After lengthy discussion and the need for further investigation into several matters emerged, the Private Well Regulations Hearing was further continued to Tuesday, August 6 at 7:00 pm.

Hawley Fuel  and Sand bids (2 for Diesel, 4 for Propane, 1 for Wood Pellets, and 2 for Winter Sand) were opened and awarded for FY20 – click HERE for complete results.

Hawley’s newly formed Search and Rescue Unit has received a generous $500 grant from the Franklin Land Trust Community Grant Program.  The funds will be used to help equip the Unit with specialized gear.  The Franklin Land Trust Grant Program’s goal is to offer grants to support projects and programs throughout the D2R2 [cycling] route towns that support the environment, land conservation, farming, forestry, wildlife, outdoor recreation or environmental education.

Lark Thwing, Chair of the Communications Committee, updated the Board regarding the delays on the Broadband  Installation Project​ in Hawley:

<> The three wooden poles, two in Savoy and one in Hawley, have been moved from Phase 1 to Phase 1 AA. The Borden Mountain fire tower location in Savoy was previously moved from Phase 1 to Phase 1A.

<> Therefore Phase one has been completed. It includes the monopole at chapel loop in Savoy and the control hut at that location. 14 customers in Savoy are currently connected to that monopole location.

<> A temporary location on Berkshire East has been established and is providing service to John Schaefer and Harold Green, both Berkshire East employees. Both appear very happy.

<> WiValley President Brian Foucher has completed his second status update report and includes a statement of completion for Phase 1 so that he can be paid by MBI for the Phase one work. MBI has agreed to this. Each of the four towns must have all of their selectmen sign a notice of completion before MBI will pay WiValley. Hawley will do this at the 7/9/19 meeting and it will be sent along to the other three times for them to complete. Once all are complete we will send them to MBI or WiValley as appropriate.

<> MBI has submitted an Amendment 1 to our Professional services Grant. This amendment changes the date of the Grant from “as soon as all signatures are received to August 23, 2018. All four Townes plus MBI must sign this amendment. Hawley will sign at the 7/9/19 meeting and the other three towns will sign on July 25th at our next four-towns meeting in Florida.

<> Due to fires and floods in other parts of the country the availability of long wooden utility poles has been extremely limited and explains why we are about eight weeks behind schedule. The three poles to complete Phase 1 AA should be installed by the end of July and all remaining wooden poles are now on order. We should be able to get back on track for completion by the end of the year.

<> The Legate Hill opposition group contracted for a consultant to do an evaluation of alternatives to using the legate hill location. The consultant was Isotope and their report has been forwarded to both WiValley and our designer Interisle as well as to our owners project manager Design Nine for evaluation.

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