In the Planning Stages . . .

♦ Two projects are underway involving funding from the Commonwealth’s Green Communities program, both under the skillful direction of Hawley’s Will Cosbie: 1.) Construction is about to begin (June 12) on a new, pellet-based heating system for the Town Garage; and, 2.) Will is in the process of securing bids for a pedestal-mounted solar electric installation at the Town Firehouse in East Hawley.

DCR is planning a party. The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation has just about completed its work on the Middle Road Repairs, opening that cross-moutain route to vehicular traaffic for the first time since the days of Hurricane Irene. In celebration of that propitious moment, DCR is organizing a party “event,” coplete with dignitaties, speeches and who-knows-what-else. The date of that event is Saturday, July 6. Stay tuned for details.

♦ 1/2 Marathon to launch from Berkshire East in September: On September 8, some 500 to 1,000 runners will compete in a 1/2 marathon launching from, and returning to, Berkshire East. The runners will be traversing a 13.1 mile course (route still to be finalized) that will wander up and down in a long loop involving East Hawley Road, East Road, perhaps La Belle Road, Forget Road, Pond Road and Buckland Road. Given the size of the expected participation, a lot of planning will take place between now and then to handle the safety and comfort needs of participants, well-wishers and spectators. 

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