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Archival Volunteer

The Hawley Historical Commission, along with the Sons and Daughters of Hawley, are in the process of going through all sorts of wonderful Hawley STUFF we have collected over the years from the 1700’s, through the 1800’s, to the Bicentennial and then on to the present. We have had the help of a Roving Archivist to learn how to categorize and preserve the many diaries and journals, photographs, letters, SDH records, town meeting reports, artifacts and more (including an awesome antique wedding dress!). Through grants we have been able to obtain acid-free archival storage boxes and file folders so that we can preserve our treasures. Now comes the hard part – actually sorting through and categorizing the many documents and artifacts.

Would you like to help?

We have a small team, but would love to have some additional hands. If you are interested in helping us preserve Hawley’s history so that it will last for generations to come and  be searchable and accessible to all who are interested in exploring it, then please let us know. Whether you can give one hour or many hours, any help will be greatly appreciated. The reward will be a “museum” in the Grove for us and for future generations.

Also, if you have any historical documents (letters, diaries, photos, etc.) or artifacts (clothes, furniture, utensils, china, tools, farm implements, etc.) to donate, we would appreciate them as well.

Thanks to all the many folks who have donated their important family memorabilia over the years.

► Please contact Pamela Shrimpton at ...
Phone: 413-339-4091
Email: pam@forgehollow.com
- or -
John Sears at ...
Phone: 413-339-4211
Email: jsears7@gmail.com

Archival Volunteer | Communications Committee Member