Reported by Hussain Hamdan

AT ABOUT 9:00 ON THE MORNING OF  February 13th, the Hawley Fire Department was dispatched to a motor vehicle rollover on Route 8A, not far from the Plainfield line.  The vehicle lost control going down the hill, hit the guardrail, and then rolled over.

Above: Motor vehicle rollover on Rt. 8A, Feb 13, 2021

No other vehicles were involved in the accident; although, in an interesting twist of events, another car got stuck in the snow-bank, trying to drive around the rollover before the road could be closed. [story continues]

Hawley personnel secured the scene, evaluated those involved in the accident, and closed the road to traffic with help from the State Police and Plainfield Police.  The three occupants of the vehicle suffered no significant injuries and, although Charlemont Ambulance responded (as is normal practice with any serious accident), no one was transported to the hospital.

With the response on 8A still ongoing, Hawley personnel were advised by Dispatch over the radio that another accident had occurred: a vehicle had crashed into a pole on East Hawley Road.  By this point, there were sufficient personnel on the first scene that the Fire Department was able to send two trucks and five personnel to the second event.  Upon arriving, Hawley personnel again set up traffic control, secured the scene, and began evaluating the occupants of the vehicle for injuries.  The State Police also responded to this call.  Again, there were three occupants and again, no one ended up being transported to the hospital.  The vehicle involved was seriously damaged, but the pole remained apparently intact.

That no serious injuries occurred in either accident may be attributed to the fact that all occupants were wearing seatbelts and also, the significant snow along the roadsides had a cushioning effect on impact.

Top Left: Vehicle vs. Pole on East Hawley Road, Feb 13, 2021. Bottom Left: A State Police cruiser and the Hawley Fire Department Brush Truck on East Hawley Road. Right: Firefighter Brandon C. Root holds pieces of the crashed vehicle’s grill after the car was pulled out by a tow truck.

As if this wasn’t enough action, at a little before 4:00 AM on February 14th, the Fire Department was again called out, this time to assist Charlemont with water supply for a structure fire.  Shortly afterwards, the call was downgraded to a request to stand by at station, to respond if needed.  In any event, personnel from both East and West Hawley answered the call, with Hawley Tanker 1 (East) and Hawley Engine 1 (West) both being crewed and ready to go only shortly after the call went out.  The fact that such a strong and effective response could occur in the early hours of the morning in a volunteer department, (where no one is obligated to go to every call), speaks volumes about the dedication and professionalism of Hawley’s personnel.

A few hours later, shortly after 8:00AM, Hawley Fire Department first responders and an EMT responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency at a residence in Town.  Due to privacy regulations, not much more can be said, except that Hawley personnel, (along with a member of the Buckland Fire Department who was in the area), responded to the scene and rendered aid.  Subsequently, Charlemont Ambulance responded along with Colrain Ambulance (operating Paramedic level) and a patient was transported to the hospital.

In all, at least nine Hawley Volunteer Fire Department members were involved in these four calls, many attending more than one.

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