Hawley to Receive Infrastructure Grant . . .

THE MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF HOUSING AND ECONOMIC Development has awarded the Town of Hawley $466,900 for the rebuilding of Route 8A, focusing on the intersection with Pudding Hollow Road. According to an article in the October 19 Greenfield Recorder, Hawley is “. . . among  eight rural communities that will recieve $7.3 million worth of road and bridge fixes through the MassWorks grant program.”

The other seven towns included in this rural grant group are:
Bolton, Buckland, Monterey, Royalston, Sheffield, Tolland and Windsor. According to the MassWorks website, the full, state-wide program is expected to award a total of “$82,838,964 to 37 communities” throughout the Commonwealth.

State legislators were unanimous in their praise of the MassWorks grants. Speaking on behalf of the Towns of Hawley and Windsor, Representative Paul Mark said, “Hawley and Windsor will both put this money to good use undertaking much-needed road repairs they might not otherwise be able to afford. I congratulate both towns on their strong applications . . .”

There is no word about when the 8A-Pudding Hollow rebuilding project will begin.

In a separate action, the Hawley Selectboard is slated to start planning for repairs to the “Dugway” section of Route 8A at its October 23 Special Selectboard meeting.

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