Green Communities Progress Continues . . .

AT THE HAWLEY SELECTBOARD MEETING that followed the Special Town Meeting on December 12, project team member Will Cosby gave an update on several energy upgrade projects that are underway, or being contemplated, under the auspices of the state’s Green Communities program:

1. The Solar Panel Installation at the Town garage is up, running, and producing at full power. However, one of the data sending units is not functioning properly, and will be replaced this week or shortly after Christmas. This sending unit is critical to the Town’s ability to receive cash reimbursements for energy production from the state. The unit in question is still under warranty.
2. The bidding process for the Mini Split Heat Pump System to augment the existing blower at the Town office is complete. The “mini-split” is a type of heat pump technology which uses air as its energy source for warmth in the winter and also for cooling in the summer. Approval has been received, and the unit should be installed and operational by the end of  February, latest.  
3. Additional Insulation for the Town Garage and Town Office is clearly an area where efficiencies could be achieved.  For structural reasons, the Town Garage has metal purlins which, by their very design, serve as thermal bridges that conduct heat out of the building. The proposed solution for that situation is an insulating foam spray on the inside of the building, and (perhaps) a special, sealing paint.

While the insulating challenge for the Town Office is more prosaic, the need is just as pronounced. Tests indicate that proper insulation is lacking in both the attic and the walls. Methods and costs are still being assessed for both buildings.



Wood Pellet or Wood Chip Furnace for the Town Garage. This one is currently under evaluation, as it involves a large expenditure and construction of a safe and accessible place to store the pellets or chips.  One advantage cited about chips over pellets at the Selectboard meeting is that the Town could produce its own fuel, using local forest resources.
5. Window Replacements – While funding for this one would not fall under the purview of the Green Communities program, the Town is also seeking bids for replacing the windows in the Town Office.

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