COVID-19 Vaccination in Franklin County

We urge everyone, when they are eligible, to get vaccinated. This is the most effective means of slowing the spread and the risk of getting Covid.  Please be patient as the number of vaccines available in Massachusetts has been limited – however, we do expect that everyone who wants a vaccine will get one.

Please also remember that once you have been vaccinated, it takes several weeks to build up immunity to the COVID virus.  Therefore it is important to continue to follow social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing guidelines.


Who’s Eligible now?

Massachusetts is in the second of three vaccination phases and currently focusing on priority populations. Massachusetts residents 75 and older are eligible to receive a vaccine. Caregiver’s are also eligible if they schedule the appointment at the same time and accompany the senior to their appointment. More people will become eligible for vaccinartions over the next few months.

Where to get Vaccinated?

There are many places to schedule a vaccine appointment. Vaccine supply is currently limited, but we expect availability will increase over the upcoming weeks.

Those able to travel are encouraged to schedule appointments at the Large Vaccination Sites at UMass Amherst and The Eastfield Mall in Springfield.

Pharmacies, like CVS and Big Y, are accepting appointments through their websites.

Franklin County Doctor’s Offices and Health Centers are scheduling appointments with their patients. At this time, please do not call about vaccinations – when one is available they will call you to schedule an appointment.

Local Clinics are being scheduled throughout the county. These clinics are a coordinated effort between many stakeholders in our region. The City of Greenfield has a clinic open weekly at the Jon Zon Senior Center. Other local clinics will be alternating between Bernardston, Deerfield, Montague, and Shelburne (sites and locations may change based on vaccine availability and other factors). everyone, when Times, dates, locations, and availability of appointments can be found on the state’s website – the upcoming weeks schedule and site locations is released each Friday evening. Please be aware when signing up for these local clinics, the intention of these sites is to support our most vulnerable residents who are unable to travel to other sites. As vaccine availability increases, these sites may grow to allow for a greater vaccination capacity. 

Another way to see where you can get a vaccine and to make an appointment is to check the Mass Department of Public Health Once on the website map, click on “starred” locations and follow links to register at that location.

FRCOG’s COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline

For a regularly updated message about vaccine availability, call 413-774-3167 extension 153. Please share this number with anyone who prefers to receive information over the phone.  You can also get up to date information on the FRCOG website:

Resources for Seniors

For help scheduling an appointment, arranging transportation, or are a home bound person, cal LifePath at 413-829-9285.

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