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IN THE INTEREST OF DECREASING the chance of contamination from the virus, the Selectboard is encouraging the following steps:

TOWN OFFICE OPERATIONS: Visits to the office are discouraged, but arrangements can be made by telephone or email – see “Town Business” below for details. Hours of operation will be limited and may change without notice. If you need to do business in person, call or email in advance. 413-339-5518;

SELECTBOARD MEETINGS: For the time being, the Selectboard Meetings will be held as scheduled. However, this could change from week to week, so check back 24 hours in advance of any meeting to make sure it’s still “on.” Please note that all meetings are audio recorded and that anyone who would like to attend, but is uncomfortable about it, can request a copy of the audio file.

Also, the Selectboard encourages people who want to get in touch, but do not want to attend, to “email, call, or write” to them.

COMMITTEE MEETINGS: All Town Committees are encouraged to set their own protocols at this time, respecting the CDC’s recommendations regarding limiting personal exposure to staff and residents. Open Meeting Law requirements have been modified; and many regularly scheduled meetings have been postponed and/or cancelled. We will continue to post meetings on the website and at the Town Office; but watch for continuing cancellations. Remote participation is encouraged as much as possible, however our resources in this respect are limited.


THE WEBSITE: go to for updates on the virus, surrounding events, and town business. E-NEWS: you can expect to see more of these e-newsletters coming your way.

TELEPHONE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS: There may be an occasional notification on your telephone from Greg Cox, Hawley Emergency Management Director. Please pay close attention to these.


Tax Collector: Elizabeth Nichols strongly encourages taxpayers to pay taxes online – the Hawley website: offers a blue box on the Home page for this, as well as another portal to online tax payments at

Assessors Assistant and Treasurer: Virginia Gabert will work primarily remotely; and will be onsite only as needed. Contact her by email or leave a message for her at 339-5518.

Assessors: The April 1 Assessors meeting has been cancelled, with the exception of emergent business which will be handled remotely. Contact Virginia Gabert via for Assessor business.

Town Clerk: Pam Shrimpton will be available by phone only or by special arrangement. If vital records are needed, she will arrange to get them to you. Dog license applications can be mailed in as usual. Any other business can be discussed by phone 339-4091 or email:

Administrative Assistant: Cass Nawrocki will be available for general questions, transfer station supplies, other town issues. Anything that can be done by telephone, should be. Call 339-5518 or email:

Annual Town Election and Annual Town Meeting: There are currently very limited legal options for postponing these Annual events, but legislation has been filed to make provisions for postponements due to public health emergencies as well. When legislation is enacted, we will respond accordingly. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY: Be informed. Be aware of how to stay safe yourself and not spread illness to others.