Corona . . .

1.     Wash your hands regularly, especially before eating and after being in public places.  Ordinary soap and water will do the trick.

2.     Avoid putting your hands near your face.

3.     Carry around hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes.

4.     When at the store, wipe down the handle of your shopping cart or basket with a disinfecting wipe before use (many stores now have these), and wipe your hands again after leaving stores and public places.

5.     If you cough, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth or paper towel, or your sleeve if necessary, but never your hand.  If you do use your hands, wash them immediately.

6.     If you are sick, don’t share it! Stay home.

7.     If you have to call 911 for an emergency and you suspect that you or people in your household are sick with Coronavirus or any other contagious illness, please let the dispatcher know that, so that emergency responders can wear proper protective gear.  Our firefighters and EMTs can’t help people if they get sick themselves.

8.     Get plenty of sleep, eat well, avoid stress, and try to stay in good shape.  Your chances of recovering from just about any sickness have a lot to do with how you were doing before you got it.

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