Communications Committee

The PRIMARY OBJECTIVES of the Hawley Communications Committee for 2016 are to continue to build, maintain and update the Official Website for the Town of Hawley,, and to lead the process of bringing Broadband to Hawley through to a successful conclusion. The website-building process includes gathering, developing and editing website content information as well as providing the technical backbone for the site. All work is to be done with the review and approval of the Board of Selectmen.

Committee Members

Current Committee members include:

  • Rick Kean, Chair
  • Hussain Hamdan
  • Greg Rowehl
  • Craig Shrimpton, Webmaster
  • Pamela Shrimpton
  • Lark Thwing

The duties of the Committee Chairperson are to organize and contribute to the work of the Committee, and to report to the Board of Selectmen on an ongoing basis.

The duties of the Webmaster embrace all configuration and technical issues regarding the Town website, including, but by no means limited to, matters involving the WordPress® Content Management System (CMS) software.

All Committee appointments are for one year.

Services to the Public

In addition to the activities listed above, Committee members will help other Hawley officers, departments and committees develop the information they would like to have displayed on the web, including providing write-up and copyediting services to assure conformance with website standards. Committee members will also advise Hawley residents on how best to use the site.


Communications Committee meetings will be held as scheduled and announced by the Committee Chair. During 2016, the Committee plans to meet at least once a month prior to every other Selectboard meeting. All meetings will be held at the Town Office. Meeting announcements will posted on this website, and will be distributed via email as well as via standard Town posting outlets.

Special Events

The Committee will schedule a special presentation in conjunction with a Selectboard meeting or other Town event when the website is closer to completion. In addition, the Committee will conduct workshops and training sessions from time to time as part of its regular meeting schedule. Any such sessions will be indicated on the meeting announcements. While the prime focus of those sessions will be on advancing the work of the Committee, they may have some general value to the Hawley community at large, and Hawley residents will be welcome to attend.  In addition, Hawleyites can look forward to information sessions during 2016 and early 2017 as we move toward decision/implementation of our Broadband strategy. 

Long-Term Plans

Longer-term, the Committee will be examining and making recommendations about other ways the Town of Hawley can use low-cost electronic media to enhance the quality of life and information for its residents and reduce the workload for town officials, employees and volunteers.

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