Combined Cultural Council Seeks Input . . .

AS THEY PREPARE FOR THEIR NEXT GRANT-GIVING SEASON, the members of the Charlemont/Hawley Cultural Council are requesting feedback from the the greater Hawley-Charlemont community. Their questions include:

  1. Would you change anything in our guidelines (we emphasize funding local organizations/events and educational projects)?
  2. Are there any artists and/or groups you would like us to know about?
  3. Would you like us to organize any special events in the community?
  4. What are YOUR favoriite cultural events in our AREA?
  5. And then there’s the final question. Would you like to attend the reception the Council is planning for grant recipients?

CC-the-artsWant an easy way to answer? Simply CLICK ON THIS LINK and a specially-formatted email box will open up. It contains all of the questions and spaces for your answers. When you’re done answering, send it like any other email message.

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