Chickley River Issue — Supplemental Documents

Town of Hawley, Massachusetts — Supplemental Documents,
Issues Involving the Chickley River

The following links will allow the reader to download a series of documents issued by the Massachusetts State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and/or the Town of Hawley and/or ET&L Corp. regarding the allegedly non-compliant restoration work done on the ChickleyRiver in West Hawley subsequent to the massive damage and flooding inflicted by Hurricane Irene.

All of these documents pre-date the Agreements shown on the connected web page by almost a year or more, except the last one — the press release issued by the DEP on 11/14/2012 — which date generally coincides with those of the Agreements. These documents should be considered to be supplemental to those Agreements and in no way as constituting modifications to them. They are presented here to provide a context for understanding those Agreements, only.

All of these documents are .pdf files except the last one, which is a live web link. So you will need to have Adobe Reader or some similar program running on your computer in order to display and read most of them. Note that these documents are for the most part smaller than the ones presented on the connecting page, but that some of them could still be difficult to download using dialup or a slow Internet service.

Click on the Document Name in order to download the particular item described.

Document Name File Size Description
51 kb

Issued late August 2011 by the DEP, this is the general emergency certification for cleanup and repair work done in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene. It is referred to in some of the documents that follow.

184 kb

This is the original permit issued by the DEP to the Town of Hawley for work to be conducted by the Town or its designees for all emergency work. It was issued 9/7/2011 and expired on 10/6/2011.

222 kb
Permit issued by the DEP to the Town of Hawley on 10/11/11 for work to be conducted by the Town of Hawley or its designees for all emergency work that had not been completed before 10/5/2011, as per the expiry provisions of the document, Hawley-EC.pdf, above.
502 kb

Enforcement order issued to ET&L by the DEP on 11/30/2011.

243 kb
Letter signed by the Hawley selectmen on 12/9/12 accepting responsibility for enforcement order.
DEP Press Release — 11/14/2012
(Temporarily Unavailable)

Link is to the DEP’s press release about the settlement with the Town of Hawley and ET&L Corp., issued on 11/14/2012.

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