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Charles Stetson . . .

CHARLES STETSON, a long-time resident of Hawley who served the Town in a number of important roles over the years, passed away on Saturday, November 11.  A US Army Veteran, he was 75 years old.

According to an obituary in the November 13 Greenfield Recorder [access it HERE], a “… celebration of life service will be held Sunday, November 19 at 2:00 pm at Mary Lyon Church in Buckland.” No calling hours have been established.

Charlie and his spouse, Cynthia, lived in Hawley on West Hawley Road for many years, moving to their current address — 29 Potter Road, Rowe — two years ago.  During his time in Hawley, Charlie performed Continue reading

Virginia Gabert Wins State Award . . .

AMONG THE MANY HATS THAT VIRGINIA GABERT WEARS on Hawley’s behalf is the title, Assessors’ Clerk. This means that she toils
for hours wrestling with the details of valuing properties and taking
care of many of the Town’s interactions with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue regarding revenues and taxation.

Recently, Virginia was recognized at the State level for her contributions to the Town of Hawley Board of Assessors.  The setting was the Summit View Restaurant in Holyoke on September 28, and the occasion was a meeting of Assessors’ Clerks from the western half of the state.

Virginia was named Assessors’ Clerk of the Year, and was presented with a plaque by MAAO, the Massachusetts Association Of Assessing Officers.

Be sure to congratulate Virginia next time you’re in the Town Office, and check out the shiny new plaque on display above her desk.

A Well-Attended Dedication . . .

About 40 Hawley residents were on hand Sunday afternoon,  August 13 to witness the ribbon cutting of the joint Town of Hawley – Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)  project to repair and maintain Hunt and Middle Roads.

While much of the focus of the project is on restoring these roads in the Dubuque State Forest, it would also have the effect of rejoining East and West Hawley, without the need to travel through Charlemont or Plainfield, for a number of months every year.

Attending dignitaries included former Selectboard Chair John Sears, current Selectboard Chair Hussain Hamdan, State Representative Paul Mark, State Senator Adam Hinds, DCR Commissioner Leo Roy and several state forestry officials.  Also attending was a representative from Lane Construction, the firm which will be rebuilding the roads. Continue reading

Green Communities PV Project Progresses . . .

THE TOWN’S PLAN TO BUILD a 10 kW photovoltaic (solar electric) system on the roof of the Town Garage is progressing nicely, project coordinators Lloyd Crawford and Will Cosby reported at the August 8 Selectboard meeting.

FRCOG is providing the Town with procurement services, and bid invitations have gone out, with the bid opening date set for Wednesday, August 16 at 2:00 pm.

Once the vendor is selected and the expenditure is approved by the State, it should be a matter of a few months until the system is up and running, Cosby indicated, with a completion date in November or December.

This and other energy conservation projects planned by the Town are being funded via a $136,920 grant from the Massachusetts Green Communities program.

MIT Cycling Team Race Approved . . .

THE HAWLEY SELECTBOARD APPROVED THE USE of Hawley roads for a part of the annual MIT Cycling Team bike race, which will occur on the weekend of September 23 and 24.

Called the “Sliderule Shredfest,” the event will involve riders from MIT, UMASS and other colleges. Activities on Saturday, August 23  will focus on the UMass campus in Amherst, and then the Sunday race will take place at the Thunder Mountain Bike Park in Charlemont and Hawley.

Gun Registration, Renewal Delays . . .

HAWLEY POLICE CHIEF JARED BELLOWS reported at the Tuesday, July 25 Selectboard meeting that a change in state policy regarding firearms licenses is causing unusually long renewal delays. 

As of January 1, the state began refusing to accept anything but electronic applications that are processed using the Massachusetts Instant Record Check System (MIRCS).  This changeover has caused a backlog of renewals, and the fact that Hawley has not been issued a copy of the MIRCS software by the State adds to the problem.

Jared, who also serves as Charlemont’s Chief of Police, advises gun owners to submit early enough to allow plenty of time to process renewals and new applications.  That could be as long as 12 weeks. 

While Jared said that the backlog has been sorted out and renewal cards should be on their way in a couple of weeks, it will still be a while until the system becomes efficient.  Chick HERE for information on how to reach Jared. 

Legal Reminder . . .

IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS of the new Massachusetts “Act to Improve Public Records,” Town Clerk Pamela Shrimpton was appointed Records Access Officer (RAO) for the Town of Hawley. Pamela oversees the process by which public records are stored and made available for the Town, as well as aiding people who request information. Administrative Assistant Cass Nawrocki serves as Pamela’s Alternate for the role. 

Pamela’s hours of availability and contact information are the same as for the Town Clerk, and can be found HERE.  Once they are approved by the Selectboard, a formal set of guidelines for the RAO position will be posted in the “Records” section of this website.

Conservation Commission on Woodcutting . . .

Notice to small logging/firewood operations:

The Hawley Conservation Commission has encountered a few cases recently that have involved logging in or near wetlands.  The forest cutting practices act allows landowners to cut up to 25,000 board feet of timber or 50 cords of wood in a given year without needing to submit a cutting plan for approval by DCR.

However, if you are contemplating work in or near wetlands, you might want to file anyway.

An approved cutting plan exempts you from having to file with the Conservation Commission under the wetlands protection act.  You will encounter less fees and fewer restrictions if you have a cutting plan.
For further information, see:

It’s Tick Season Again . . .

HAWLEY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE Lisa White was in contact with the Town Office recently to alert us that Tick Season is here, and to remind us that the best cure for Tick-Borne Diseases is prevention.

With the advent of warmer weather, the ticks are already doing their heinous work.  For some tips on how to identify them and fend off their unwelcome diseases, click HERE.

Almost a New Record . . .

The Town Meeting on May 8 convened at  6:59 pm and adjourned at 7:25, with Moderator Lark Thwing at the helm. While there have been shorter meetings, according to Town Clerk Pamela Shrimpton, it was “almost” a record.  Some tidbits:

  • Budget-related Articles 12 and 13 were passed over, due to the fact that we did not have the “sum” amounts; and,
  • All other votes were unanimous.