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Prefer Broadband Pictures? Check these Out . . .

Click HERE for some pictures from the FHMS Four Towns Broadband project.

Question of the Month . . .

QUESTION: What does “FHMS” have to do with Broadband?

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Highway News . . .

THE 8A ROAD REPAIR PROJECT, AKA “Slump” Project, has begun. Maxymillian (the Pittsfield-based construction and environmental remediation firm) is repairing approximately 1500 feet of Route 8A at its intersection with Pudding Hollow Road.  They will be installing a drainage system to better accommodate storm water in that area, and correct the issues that have caused a portion of the roadway to sink every spring. 

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Local Broadband Update . . .

WEST HAWLEY GARAGE BROADBAND HOOKUP SOON → The Highway Department Building on 8A in West Hawley expects to be connected to the Broadband System hopefully within a week or two.  Once fully operational, the system will be able to be accessed wirelessly from the outside of the building in order for Hawley residents to access and experience the system.  Parking guidelines at the Highway Garage will need to be followed.  The Fire Station in East Hawley will also be connected in the near future with the same wireless connectivity for residents.

Special Town Meeting Set for September 9 . . .

A SPECIAL TOWN MEETING HAS BEEN SET by the Hawley Selectboard for Monday, September 9 at 7:00 pm in the Town Office. Three articles up for consideration by the Hawley voters will involve the proposed admission of the Town of Heath into the Hawlemont Regional School District. The other article involves creation of a $5,000 contingency fund for possible cost overruns on the consxtruction of the FHMS Four Town Broadband network.

For a copy of the Special Town Meeting Warrant, click HERE.
For copies of the Agreement and Special Legislation, click HERE

Info Session Set for 9/3 for Proposed Heath-Hawlemont School Regionalization . . .

Selectboard Considers Forestry Partnership . . .

THE HAWLEY SELECTBOARD HAS BEGUN DISCUSSIONS on whether Hawley should join the Mohawk Trail Woodlands Partnership (MTWP).

After 4 years of preparation, the Partnership has been legally designated by the state, with the purpose of bringing recognition and financial and technical resources to the 21-Town region, which is situated in Berkshire and Franklin Counties. The MTWP area comprises the towns in the Northwestern corner of the State and is heavily forested.

The stated goal for MTWP is to “. . . increase sustainable economic development related to forestry and natural resource-based tourism, support forest conservation on private lands, and improve the fiscal stability and sustainability of the municipalities”.
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Expect Bike Traffic on Saturday . . .

FRANKLIN LAND TRUST WILL BE CONDUCTING a D2R2 Road Cycling Event — their 14th anniversary fundraiser/ride — in the Hawley environs this Saturday, August 17. From the Land Trust publicity materials:

Each August thousands of bicyclists descend on Franklin County to participate in the nation’s largest dirt-road cycling event, the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnée. Hosted by Franklin Land Trust, last year the ride attracted cyclists from 26 states and 5 countries.

The courses will use the narrowest, oldest, twistiest, quietest, and most-scenic roads available.

A range of courses will provide access to novices as well as challenge the world’s strongest riders.

D2R2 will never offer prizes for anything other than gags, nor will finish results ever be presented like it was a race.

The course is not marked. Riders will use cue sheets to navigate the route. Official RideWithGPS routes will also be available.

Riders shall cover the course in a self-sufficient manner, without motorized crew vehicles.

The organization will put as much effort into its food offerings as it does the ride itself.

D2R2 is a key fundraiser for the Franklin Land Trust’s efforts.

One of the Land Trust rides proceeds through East Hawley, primarily along East Rd. The other loops through West Hawley: Forge Hill Rd., Middle Rd., Hallockville Rd., and West Hawley Rd.


S&D Hawley Day August 11 . . .

ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 11, the Sons and Daughters of Hawley present the 119th annual celebration of Hawley Day.   

The  event starts at about 10:00 AM at the Meetinghouse in East Hawley with a “koffee klatch,” where drinks and pastries will be available.  A variety of Hawley-themed items, gifts, and books will also be available for purchase. While at the koffee klatch check out our new sign and notice board.

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Super Hot . . .

GUARDING AGAINST THE HEAT is a priority this weekend as temperatures threaten to rise into the 100o F+ range throughout Massachusetts. According to a Situational Awareness Statement issued by the Massachusdetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st portend to be the hottest days of the year so far, with dangers of heat-induced illnesses abounding.

Click below the two images for details and suggested defenses.

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