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A New World Record?

SOME ENTERPRISING SOUL SHOULD RESEARCH whether Ripley’s Believe It or Not has a category for short meetings. Who knows? There might even be a prize.

Take Tuesday (6/19) evening’s Special Town Meeting, for example.  While it took several hours of planning and organization to put it together, the actual meeting itself ran for 41/2 Minutes — all articles were passed unanimously. And that even included a little discussion.

A new world speed record, perhaps?

Special Town Meeting Set for June 19 …

A SPECIAL TOWN MEETING HAS BEEN SET for Tuesday, June 19 at 7:00 PM. Its purpose is to address several budget items, some of which were inadvertently omitted from the Annual Town Meeting warrant, and others that have come to fruition after that meeting was held.

Here’s a synopsis of the items to be addressed:

$3,000 for FY19 Emergency Medical Services Expenses;
$3,500 for accrued sick pay;

$200 for website hosting and domain registration expenses;
An amount to be determined to cover engineering expenses for Route 8a repair; and,
An amount to be determined to cover engineering expenses for the replacement of a culvert under Route 8a near Sears Road.

Download the meeting warrant HERE. Download a more detailed explanation HERE.

Broadband: WiValley Re-Emerges . . .

AFTER A PAUSE WHEN A NEW VENDOR ENTERED the fray, WiValley has again emerged as the clear and undisputed  leader in the race to become vendor-of-choice for the four, contiguous towns that are looking to use MBI funding to build a fixed-wireless, high-speed network.

Broadband committee representatives of those four towns — Florida, Hawley, Monroe and Savoy — met at the Florida Town Hall on Thursday, June 7 to discuss WiValley’s latest Letter of Intent to MBI. In it, WiValley President Brian Foucher announced a new strategic partnership with Otelco, a NASDAQ-traded telecommunications company with holdings in West Virginia, Missouri, Maine, Massachusetts and Alabama.

Included in the list of Otelco holdings is Granby Telephone and Telegraph of MA, which is described as an “independent local telephone and internet service provider.” Continue reading

Special Town Meeting Report . . .

THE SPECIAL TOWN MEETING PASSED ALL WARRANT articles unanimously Monday night, May 21 as the Town of Hawley took another step toward the goal of providing its residents with high-speed Internet using funds from the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI). 

The proceedings were a tad awkward, in that each of the three warrant articles had to be voted twice: first, to accommodate last-minute amendments; and, second, to enact the warrant  items as amended. Yet the entire process was speedy and efficient, taking less than 30 minutes.

The purpose of the warrant was to authorize the Hawley Selectboard to borrow and/or transfer funds to provide interim payments to the successful vendor until such time as the Town can receive reimbursement from the Commonwealth.

The objective of the amendments to the warrant was the same in all three cases — to “loosen” the language to account for the possibility of alternative vendors, and to provide for the prospect that an agency other than MBI might be the ultimate funding source.

The revised warrant, as enacted by the Special Town Meeting, can be viewed HERE.

Town Meeting Efficient, Bump-Free . . .

THE HAWLEY TOWN MEETING RAN SMOOTHLY Monday night, May 14, as all warrants presented for consideration were either adopted or passed over by unanimous vote.

Items adopted by the group of 30-plus voters present included:

Town Reports (Article 1);
School District items (Articles 16 through 20);
Budget Appropriations (Articles 2-10, 12-14); and,
Veterans Fund provisions (Article 15).

Items passed over at the meeting included:
Vocational Tuition and Transportation (Article 11)
Integration of Mohawk District 6th Grade students into Mohawk
Middle School (Article 21).

A .pdf copy of the 2018 Hawley Town Meeting Warrant can be downloaded HERE. [159 kb].

Hawley Town Election Results . . .

This is the Town Election vote tally, as of 9:00 pm May 7, 2018. The total number of Hawleyites voting was 63, or 23% of the Town’s registered voters:

Congratulations to all!

Election Factoid . . .

ACCORDING TO TOWN CLERK PAMELA Shrimpton, Diane Broncaccio, Reporter for the Greenfield Recorder, said that Hawley’s 23% voter turnout was the highest of any of the W. Mass. towns that conducted elections on Monday, May 7.

Want Your WiredWest Refund? Here’s How . . .

TWO TO FOUR YEARS AGO, A NUMBER OF HAWLEY Residents sent $4900 deposits to WiredWest as a gesture of support for the system they were proposing to build. This was before it became clear that Hawley would be going another way.

If you want your WiredWest deposit back, click HERE for info on how to get it.

Broadband Briefing Well-Attended Despite Fog . . .

EVEN WITH A PERSISTENT, DENSE FOG settling in over the hilltown highlands, over fifty people attended the Community Broadband Briefing Session held at the Hawlemont School Cafeteria on Thursday night, March 29.  The meeting, which was sponsored by the Hawley Communications Committee with support from the Hawley and Savoy Selectboards, was devoted to a presentation of the regional broadband proposal put forth by WiValley, a Keene, NH – based network builder and internet services provider.

Pictured here are some of the 50+ people who attended the March 29 briefing session. Brian Foucher, President of WiValley, is presenting.

Those in attendance included residents and officials from the towns of Savoy, Hawley, Monroe, Charlemont, Middlefield  and Florida.

For more information on the WiValley proposal, click HERE.
To request materials from the March 29 meeting, click HERE.

But For the Want of a Snow-Melt . . .

THURSDAY, MARCH 22 WAS A DAY OF interesting coincidences and not so cooperative weather non-events as Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito visited the Hawley Town Garage. The purpose of her visit was to inspect the work done to stabilize the Chickley River bank behind the garage that was performed under a Mass Works grant in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.

As can be seen in the picture just below, the snow melt didn’t cooperate, so there was very little for the Lieutenant Governor to inspect:

Pictured are Ms. Polito’s State Police Escort,  Highway Sup’t Gary Mitchell, and Rep. Paul Mark’s aide.

Coincidentally, however, work was also underway on a project to replace Town Garage lighting with more efficient LED technology. This task is being performed by a group of students from Continue reading