Don’t Wait — Call 911!

WE HAVE RECENTLY RECEIVED disturbing reports that some people experiencing suspected medical emergencies are not calling for help or are delaying because of fears about COVID-19 or misinformation about hospitals not being open.

Our ambulances ARE up and running and our local hospitals and emergency rooms ARE open and staffed to handle all types of medical emergencies. Ambulances and hospitals are taking precautions to reduce the risk of patients becoming infected during their stay.

If you or someone with you has chest pain, stroke signs and symptoms, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, uncontrolled bleeding, a major injury, or other signs and symptoms of any medical emergency, DON’T WAIT. CALL 911. In most cases patient outcome has a lot to do with how quickly they get the care they need. Ignoring the problem or delaying a call for help until it’s too late could cost a life.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Hussain A. Hamdan
Chairman, Hawley Board of Selectmen
Hawley Firefighter/EMT

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