Open Burning Season Runs through May 1st.

Massachusetts’ 2020 Open Burning Season is now open and will run through May 1st.

During this period, Hawley residents who obtain a burning permit from the fire department may burn brush on their property provided no fire is closer than 75 feet from a structure.  Only brush can be burned, not grass, leaves, household trash, demolition materials or other waste. 

Permits are good for only the day they are issued, and all fires must be out by dark.

Permits will only be issued during safe burning conditions.

Due to state air pollution regulations, we may not be able to issue permits on some otherwise safe days for burning if the state determines that atmospheric conditions make smoke likely to hang low and not rise.

If there isn’t snow cover, residents burning brush should have a pail of water or charged hose if possible to help keep the fire under control.  The fire must be attended until it is out – any unattended fires reported to the fire department will be put out.

If you feel that your fire is getting out of control – call 911 and the fire department will come and help get it under control.

To get a burning permit in Hawley, call Greg Cox at 339-5526, Bob Root at 339-5592, or Dan Hoyt at 339-8650 the day you want to burn.  Permits cannot be issued prior to the day you want to burn.

Anyone burning without a permit can be fined by both the town and by the state.​

Agricultural burning is allowed year-round with a permit from the fire department, if fire conditions are safe.