Beth’s Election Day Quiche Masterpiece Ramps up for Early Orders

Hi All Hawleyites,

As part of the Election Day Bake Sale on November 3, (and because this is a such a controversial presidential election), Beth Thwing is taking advance orders for her Spinach, Feta, Cheddar Quiche. You can call 339-0124 or email Beth at to order yours.

Between now and the election, she’ll be baking many more than the usual number of quiches  and will fill your requests in the order in which she receives them. Beth will then notify you when your order is ready.  Where do you pick up your quiche? By arrangement: either at the Town Office, or at her 15 Pond Road home.

Beth has been baking these large sumptuous quiches as her contribution for S&D Bake sales for about 8 or so years. The current suggested donation for this 10-inch diameter pie is $25.

This quiche freezes well whole. You can also freeze it in serving-sized wedges, sealed in small zipper bags. To serve:  thaw quiche, then reheat it in the oven till piping hot.  Lark, however, likes to save time by warming his individual slices in the microwave. Either way, this tasty dish has earned a reputation for itself.

Order yours today!

Many thanks from:
Beth Thwing

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