Appointed Officials


Financial Administrator:
(Treasurer; Tax Title Custodian; Asst. to Assessors)
Virginia Gabert

Tax Collector:
Elizabeth Nichols
Tax Collector’s Page

Administrative Assistant:
Tinky Weisblat

Records Access Officer:
Liz Billings

Burial Agent:
Liz Billings

Town Counsel:
Donna MacNichol

**Public Services/Public Safety:

Highway Superintendent:
Gary Mitchell
Highway Crew:
Ted Palmer, Chris Tirone

Tree Warden:
Gary Mitchell

 Police Chief:
Jared Bellows

413-625-8200 & ask dispatch to page

Per-diem Police Officers: call to arrange as needed:
Ken Hubbard  413-212-9035 (4 hour slots) – meetings or road details
Scott Waldron 413-475-0073 – service of legal documents

Fire Chief/Forest Fire Warden:
Gregory Cox

Animal Control Officer:
Chris Tirone — 413-337-5721

Emergency Management Director:
Gregory Cox

George Rice


Franklin Cty Cooperative Inspection Program (FRCOG)   413-774-3167

Inspector of Animals:
Chris Tirone — 413-337-5721

Registrar of Voters:
Liz Billings
Melanie Poudrier
Daniel Hoyt
John Sears

Election Officers:

Gloria Decker Melanie Poudrier
Elvira Scott Mary Gelinas
Christine Hicks Tammy Schofield
Juanita Clark Jerome Sternstein
Trina Sternstein Lorraine McCarthy
Anne Hamilton-Kean Susan Olsen
Paul Norcross Jane Grant
Beth Thwing Lark Thwing
Courtney Hoyt
Suzy Grodin