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From the Board of Selectmen . . .

Dear Citizens of the Town of Hawley:

The Town of Charlemont Ambulance license is currently in danger of being revoked. Without it we will no longer be able to provide ambulance service and the safety of our community will be in jeopardy. The leaders and citizens of the three towns now served by the ambulance (Charlemont, Rowe, and Hawley), need to act soon to prevent this from happening.

The principal cause of the problem is a dwindling number of volunteers, which hinders our ability to respond. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS), which oversees ambulance service throughout the state, has raised concerns about the viability of Charlemont Ambulance because of the poor response record.  Currently the town is in breach of the State regulation governing the ability of towns to come to the aid of citizens in a medical emergency (Code of Massachusetts Regulations: 105 CMR 170.385, and 105 CMR 170.305).

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, May 6 at 7:00pm at Hawlemont School for an open discussion of our current critical state, the potential effects of losing our license, and the alternatives for meeting the need of our community for ambulance service.  We are asking all residents interested in learning more to please join us. It is up to you as the town taxpayer to choose what course of action we take. 

An Ambulance Task Force, composed of representatives from Charlemont, Rowe, and Hawley has been meeting to examine alternatives and possible costs of meeting our ambulance needs. The recommendations of this task force will be discussed at the meeting.

In the meantime please go to Charlemont’s website,, where you can find a message, “EMTs Needed” from Charlemont’s Ambulance Director for our Emergency Service Ambulance.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important matter,

-- Hawley Board of Selectmen

LIMITED SUPPLY OF OUTDOOR COMPUSTERS AVAILABLE -- The Town was able to get a few more outdoor composters through a DEP Recycling grant.  If you are interested in one, we currently have five at the Town Office.  We will be getting three more in the next week or so.  You may call to see if we still have some available before you head over, and it will be reserved for you only until the end of the day.  (Available to Hawley residents only)

Also, as soon as we get the new transfer station permits in, we will have reusable shopping bags available as well.  We will start by offerring one free with the purchase of your permit sticker.  If we have some left over mid-summer, we will offer additional bags to anyone interested.

2014 TOWN REPORTS ARE NOW IN -- Click HERE to download a copy of the 2014 Town Report.  Be prepared for the download to take a while.  The document is almost a Megabyte large.  

Hawley Annual Town Election
Hawley Town Office
Monday, May 4, 2015
11:45 am to 7:00 pm

The Town of Hawley will be holding its Annual Town Election on Monday, May 4.

In addition to voting, there will be, as always, a bake sale! Please come to sample baked goods from our talented Hawley bakers – proceeds to benefit the Sons and Daughters of Hawley, our non-profit local Historical Society. And if you would like to contribute to the bake sale, please drop off your baked goods at the Town Hall, 8 Pudding Hollow Road, on the day of the Election, or call the Town Clerk, Pamela Shrimpton (Office: 339-4091/Home: 339-4091) to make other arrangements.

Slate for May 4 Election . . .

Town of Hawley Sample Ballot
(Official Ballots will be Issued at the Polls on Election Day)

Note:  While the content remains the same, some aspects of the formatting of this sample will appear different from the actual ballot.
Robert E. MacLean, 25 Middle Road, Candidate for re-election   Henry Eggert, 48 W. Hawley Road, Candidate for re-election  


* "BOH" = Board of Health.
Write-ins . . .
Write-in space is provided for every elected position listed.  Follow the directions at the top of the ballot to write a person in.  The following Hawleyites have agreed to accept the elected positions indicated below if they receive sufficient write-in votes:
Write-In Candidates
Position Person Address
ASSESSOR FOR ONE YEAR Edward J. Brady, Jr. 30 Forget Road
AUDITOR FOR ONE YEAR Carla Clark 121 Buckland Road
MODERATOR FOR ONE YEAR Kirby R. (Lark) Thwing  15 Pond Road

Want to be added to the write-in candidates list?  Contact us HERE.

STATE OFFERS GRANTS TO UPGRADE OLDER WOODSTOVES -- If you have an older woodstove you’d like to replace with a newer, more efficient unit, you may want to look into the Commonwealth’s Woodstove Change-Out Program which is offering grants of up to $2,250 for homeowners who install more efficient EPA-certified wood or pellet stoves.

The Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program, a partnership between the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Energy Resources and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, offers rebates to assist Massachusetts residents in replacing non-EPA-certified woodstoves with cleaner, more efficient EPA-certified wood or pellet stoves.

The program is now accepting applications, offering standard rebates of between $1,250 and $2,250 for woodstove replacement.  Applications will be accepted until May 22, 2015.  For information about the program, go to out.

All qualifying applications submitted between April 10 and May 22 will receive a rebate.  The application period may be extended is sufficient funding remains.

IT'S BEEN A TOUGH WINTER AND YOUR HOUSE MAY NEED SOME CRITICAL REPAIRS -- If you meet certain criteria and your house is in need of repair, you may qualify for a housing rehab loan that you may never have to pay back until you sell the house, and then at only fifty cents on the dollar. 

Want to learn more?  Click HERE or on the image at left (updated material).

BROADBAND SECTION IS NOW PART OF THE TOWN WEBSITE -- A new section of the Town of Hawley website now provides questions, answers, definitions and comments about Broadband, MBI, WiredWest and all that surrounds them.  You can access this section by clicking HERE or by using the "Broadband" tab at the top of any Hawley website page.
MBI LAST MILE PROJECT GUIDE IS AVAILABLE ON-LINE -- The Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) has issued a 12-page guide for municipalities seeking funding for projects aimed at helping them complete the Broadband "Last Mile."  (This is outside of or in addition to WiredWest.)  Projects can be omprised of just fiber-optic cable, or combinations of cable and wireless applications.  A copy of the guide can be downloaded HERE.
From Town Clerk Pamela Shrimpton . . .
The Hawley Annual Town Election will be held on Monday, May 4th at the Hawley Town Office, 8 Pudding Hollow Road, Hawley. The polls will be open from 11:45 am to 7 pm.

The Annual Town Meeting will be held at 7 pm on the following Monday, May 11th.

The last dOld Time Ballot Boxay to register to vote in this election and at the town meeting is Tuesday, April 14th. The Town Clerk will hold office hours on that day at the Town Office from 2 pm to 4 pm and from 7 pm to 8 pm.

If you are a registered voter and are unable to vote at the polls on May 4th, you can complete an absentee ballot application and vote by mail. Absentee ballots must be applied for by noon on Friday, May 1st. Ballot applications can be picked up at the Town Office during regular hours (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 to 5 and Wednesday from 9 to 12) or can be mailed to you at your request. To request, please email: or call 413-339-5518 (office) or 413 -339-4091 (home).  Email or call Pamela Shrimpton with your questions.

TOWN NURSE SCHEDULES ADDITIONAL LOCAL WALK-IN CLINICS FOR 2015 -- Lisa White, BS, RN, Regional Public Health Nurse, has scheduled the three more (free) clinics for the Hawley area for 2015:

♦  Tuesday, April 14;
♦  Tuesday, May 12; and,
♦  Tuesday, June 9.

♦ All three clinics will be held from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon at the Charlemont Federated Church on Route 2 in Charlemont.

♦ Click HERE to download a flier with more information.

CPHS, OPOID TASK FORCE COLLABORATE ON NEW DRUG-DROP LOCATION -- The Town of Buckland Police Station is the latest location where unwanted drugs, both prescription and otherwise, can be dropped off for disposal with no questions asked.  The Buckland drug-drop-point will be open as of Monday, February 9.

Jointly funded by the Cooperative Public Health Service and the Ophoid Task Force, the drop-off consists of a specially- designed "MEDRETURNBOX" that allows for multiple "deposits" but no "withdrawals."  The new Buckland location is one of seventeen located throughout the area.  Here is the full list:  

♦ Amherst
South Hadley

Solid Waste District News . . .

FCSWD POSTS SEVERAL RECYCLING ANNOUNCEMENTS -- The Franklin County Solid Waste District has several programs underway that offer recycling services to Hawley residents.  The District recently issued a newsletter, which can be accessed in its entirety, HERE.

The newsletter can also be accessed topically, below:

Successful Wood Pellet Bag Reclycing Program

New Agricultural Plastic Recycling Program

What to Do With Wall-Mounted Mercury Thermostats

Spring “Clean Sweep” Bulky Waste Day on May 16th 

From the Hawley Fire Department . . .

BURNING SEASON HAS BEGUN -- The Commonwealth’s Open Burning Season began on January 15th and runs through May 1st.

During this period, residents who obtain a burning permit from the fire department may burn brush on their property provided no fire is closer than 75 feet from a structure.  Only brush can be burned, not grass, leaves, household trash, demolition materials or other waste.  Permits are good for only the day they are issued, and all fires must be out by dark.

Permits will only be issued during safe burning conditions.

Residents burning brush should have a pail of water or charged hose if possible to help keep the fire under control.  The fire must be attended until it is out – any unattended fires reported to the fire department will be put out.

If you feel that your fire is getting out of control – call 911 and the fire department will come and help get it under control.

To get a permit, call either Greg Cox at 339-5526, Bob Root at 339-5592, or Dan Hoyt at 339-8650 the day you want to burn (we are not allowed to issue permits in advance).  You may also email Greg Cox at

Anyone burning without a permit can be fined by both the town and by the state.

Agricultural burning is allowed year-round with a permit from the fire department, if fire conditions are safe.

Please Note:   Due to state air pollution regulations, we cannot issue permits on some otherwise safe days for burning if atmospheric conditions make smoke likely to hang low and not rise.
Click HERE for a printable/postable copy of this advisory.

NATIONAL GRID REPORTS BILLING SCAM -- Municipalities and police departments throughout Western Massachusetts have received notification of a complex and well-organized scam involving a group that is passing itself off as National Grid utility employees for purposes of accessing customers' homes and diverting online funds.  This holiday season activity involves calls to customers demanding immediate payment online, and requirements to purchase pre- paid debit cards, which the scammers then commandeer for their own purposes.

For more detail on this scam and what to do about it, click HERE for a National Grid press release.    

2014 SELECTBOARD MINUTES ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD -- With the exception of the last two meetings of the Calendar year, all sets of approved minutes for Selectboard meetings held during 2014 are now accessible on the Hawley website.  Already on the website are other lists of minutes going back as far as January, 2008. 

To go to the 2014 minutes, click on the "Documents" tab on the website and follow the hyperlinks; or, navigate directly to the 2014 list by clicking HERE.

NEW TOWN TAX MAPS ARE NOW ONLINE -- Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting firm Tighe and Bond presented a series of 12 new tax maps to the Town at its December 2 Selectboard meeting, and they are now available for download on the Hawley website.  These particular maps, which were generated as part of a much larger GIS project the consulting firm conducted for the Commonwealth, are current as of June, 2014, and have been made available to the Town at no charge.  In addition to showing individual parcels, the maps also include easements, tie lines, lot numbers, dimensions  and sizes, "911" addresses, historic lines, conservation lines, trails and wetlands.

To access the maps, go to the "Documents" section of the website and click on "Tax Maps" on the navigation bar or use this direct link: q=node/24#TaxMaps 


REMINDER:  TOWN EMAIL ADDRESSES HAVE CHANGED -- Now that the Town's broadband internet connection has been tested and found viable, the Hawley Communications Committee is working on changing all official email addresses over to to the same format as the website.  Email addresses will be issued for all officers using the following format:

. . . .  

The purpose of this change is to tie the addresses to the town domain name instead of to Internet Service Providers (HughesNet, Crocker, CornerStone, etc.), thus giving the Town more flexibility in the future and eliminating duplicate fees.

The following five email addresses have been created and/or changed:

Name Function(s) Email Address
Virginia Gabert ♦ Admin Assistant
♦ Assistant Treasurer
♦ Board of Assessors
♦ General Inquiries< /span>
Pamela Shrimpton ♦ Town Clerk
Stephen Deane ♦ Chief of Police

Elizabeth (Betty) Nichols ♦ Treasurer
♦ Tax Collector< /strong>

When changing these addresses, remember to change them in your mobile devices as well as your computer.  If you are using an email "client" like MS Outlook to handle your mail, remember as well that any lists you have created there may also have to be updated.

If you use the former addresses for these three people/functions after August 31, the messages you send will "bounce back" to you.  To recover, forward your original message (it will be in your "sent messages" folder) to the correct address.

You'll always be able to find the email addresses for the Town on this website.