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Special Town Meeting . . .

ALL SPECIAL TOWN MEETINGS ARTICLES PASS MUSTER -- With almost total unanimity, the five main articles on Monday night's Special Town Meeting (June 29) were voted positively.  Included were:

►  Borrowing authorization for Hawlemont School to be used to install a wood pellet-based heating system;

►  Additional borrowing authorization to allow Hawlemont to do necessary maintenance, repairs and upgrades;

► Transfer of surplus funds between Assessors' overlay accounts;

► Transfer of funds from Free Cash to cover the Town's (relatively small) snow roads overage;

► Authorization of funds to support the requirements of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) regarding voting accommodations for the physically disadvantaged.  This item was controversial, and was passed with an amendment requiring the Selectboard to write a letter protesting the need for this kind of "unfunded mandate" in a Town as small as Hawley.

One final item, which was introduced from the floor under new business, consisted of a punitive motion regarding the residency status of one of the Selectboard members.  The motion was tabled.

Volunteers Needed for Town Office Spruce-Up . . . 

AS PART OF ITS PUBLIC SERVICE PROGRAM, the Franklin County Sherriff’s Department has offered to repaint the exterior of the Hawley Town Office sometime this summer.  But before they do that, some hale and hearty (or at least willing) Hawleyites need to put in some time getting the old building ready.

According to Selectman Phil Keenan,  most of what needs to be done has to do with replacing clapboards around the base of the building.  “Anyone with basic carpentry skills is welcome,” he said at Tuesday’s (June 2) Selectboard meeting, “but what we need as well is someone who could bring the kinds of tools (chop saws, squares, protractors, chisels, flat bars, “cat’s claw” nail pullers, etc.) that would really make the project zing along.”

Specific times and dates (mainly on weekends) will be worked out once the Town has the opportunity speak with volunteers and see what’s possible.  The consensus at the meeting was that, in order to give the Sherriff’s Department full scheduling flexibility for the rest of the summer, this project should be completed in June.

If you can help, please call Pamela Shrimpton at 413-339-5518 or at home at 413-339-4091 or email her HERE.

PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE ISSUES FOOD-BORNE ILLNESSES ALERT -- Stating that summertime is a special time of risk for illnesses related to food poisoning, FRCOG's Public Health Nurse Lisa White has issued a bulletin containing preventative Do's and Don'ts, symptoms, and threshholds for when medical assistance is needed.  Also included are website links for more information and local contact numbers.  Download that bulletin as a .pdf, HERE.
Of Compost Pails & Earth Machine Bins & 
Hazardous Waste & Next Clean Sweep . . .
THE FRANKLIN COUNTY SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT DISTRICT (FCSWMD) HAS issued a new bulletin addressing a number of topics and programs and containing some important dates for summer and fall.  Click to retrieve a copy HERE.
From Virginia Gabert . . .

NEW TRANSFER STATION STICKERS are in!  For Hawley residents, stickers are still $25 for the first one, and $1 for an additional sticker.  This year we have re-usable shopping bags at the Town Office!  1 free with a full-priced sticker for now.   If we still have some left over mid-summer, they will be available to anyone interested.

REMINDER:  TOWN EMAIL ADDRESSES HAVE CHANGED -- Now that the Town's broadband internet connection has been tested and found viable, the Hawley Communications Committee is working on changing all official email addresses over to to the same format as the website.  Email addresses will be issued for all officers using the following format:

. . . .  

The purpose of this change is to tie the addresses to the town domain name instead of to Internet Service Providers (HughesNet, Crocker, CornerStone, etc.), thus giving the Town more flexibility in the future and eliminating duplicate fees.

The following five email addresses have been created and/or changed:

Name Function(s) Email Address
Virginia Gabert ♦ Admin Assistant
♦ Assistant Treasurer
♦ Board of Assessors
♦ General Inquiries
Pamela Shrimpton ♦ Town Clerk
Stephen Deane ♦ Chief of Police

Elizabeth (Betty) Nichols ♦ Treasurer
♦ Tax Collector

When changing these addresses, remember to change them in your mobile devices as well as your computer.  If you are using an email "client" like MS Outlook to handle your mail, remember as well that any lists you have created there may also have to be updated.

If you use the former addresses for these three people/functions after August 31, the messages you send will "bounce back" to you.  To recover, forward your original message (it will be in your "sent messages" folder) to the correct address.

You'll always be able to find the email addresses for the Town on this website.