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FCSWMD ISSUES HOLIDAY RECYCLING REMINDERS -- Stating that ". . . the average American family can create as many as 10 extra bags of trash around the holidays," Franklin County Solid Waste Management District (FCSWMD) wants to spread the ". . . good news that gift wrap, gift bags, gift tissue paper, boxes, cards and other holiday wastes ARE recyclable."

To further communicate that message, FCSWMD has created two documents that explain WHAT can be recycled and HOW it should be done.  Both are accessible via download as one document HERE.

2ND SPECIAL TOWN MEETING REVERSES TOWN ACCOUNTANT VOTE -- In the end, there was only one vote difference at the Special Town Meeting held on November 13 that decided Hawley's future when it comes to its financial officers.  The vote taken at the prior meeting, held a month before, was reversed, and it was ordained that the Town have a Town Auditor rather than a Town Accountant, bucking the trend in most other Massachusetts towns. 

Given the prior meeting, this one was surprisingly orderly as Moderator Lark Thwing summoned bylaws and procedures dating back to the 1800's to set the ground rules for all who would speak or participate.

Other items enacted at this meeting included:

►Authorization and approval for a Personal Property Tax Agreement (PPTA) between the Town and AllEarth Services, LLC regarding the photoelectric solar power array at Berkshire East;

►A change in the Annual Town Meeting date from the first Monday in May to the second Monday in May;

►Approval of an allocation to cover the costs of a "procedural engangement" -- in lieu of an audit -- as mandated by the Commonwealth whenever there is a change in the person holding the position of Treasurer ($6,000); and,

►A transfer of $12,000 from free cash to cover engine repairs for the 1995 L8000 truck. 


ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX of 250 Hawley registered voters turned out to cast their ballots in the November 4 elections for Commonwealth offices.  That number comprised a strong showing of  56.37%, keeping the Town's election officers working late into the night.   Here are the results (note that these tallies represent Hawley voters only and do not signify state-wide winners):

Senator in Congress
Candidate Votes
Markey 90
Herr 49
Muello 0

Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Candidate Votes
Baker and Polito 57
Coakley and Kerrigan 73
Falchuk and Jennings 8
Lively and Saunders 2
McCormick and Post 5
Write-in:  Fisher 1

Attorney General
Candidate Votes
Healey 95
Miller 46

Secretary of State
Candidate Votes
Galvin 91
D'Arcangelo 41
Factor 10

Candidate Votes
Goldberg 82
Heffernan 48
Jackson 12

Register of Probate
Candidate Votes
Merrigan 108
Candidate Votes
Bump 85
Saint Aubin 46
Merelice 9

Representative in Congress
Candidate Votes
Neal 110
Write In:  Sarah Rich 1

Candidate Votes
Albano 104

Senator in General Court
Candidate Votes
Downing 125

Representative in General Court
Candidate Votes
Mark 111
Write-in:  Tedd White 1

District Attorney
Candidate Votes
Sullivan 108

Council of Governments Executive Committee
Candidate Votes
Perlman 102
Write-in:  Charles Stetson 1


Question # 1 Y N
. . . Gasoline tax would be changed so that it is linked to the consumer price index every year.  "Yes" = make that change; "No" = do not change the law.    68 76

Question # 2 Y N
. . . Would expand the state beverage container law to broaden the deposits required for most of those containers.   55 90

Question # 3 Y N
. . . Would effectively ban gambling casinos in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   71 74

Question # 4 Y N
. . . Would create an earned sick time entitlement for employees working in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts..   90 47



REMINDER:  TOWN EMAIL ADDRESSES HAVE CHANGED -- Now that the Town's broadband internet connection has been tested and found viable, the Hawley Communications Committee is working on changing all official email addresses over to to the same format as the website.  Email addresses will be issued for all officers using the following format:

. . . .  

The purpose of this change is to tie the addresses to the town domain name instead of to Internet Service Providers (HughesNet, Crocker, CornerStone, etc.), thus giving the Town more flexibility in the future and eliminating duplicate fees.

The following five email addresses have been created and/or changed:

Name Function(s) Email Address
Virginia Gabert ♦ Admin Assistant
♦ Assistant Treasurer
♦ Board of Assessors
♦ General Inquiries
Pamela Shrimpton ♦ Town Clerk
Stephen Deane ♦ Chief of Police
Elizabeth (Betty) Nichols ♦ Treasurer
♦ Tax Collector

When changing these addresses, remember to change them in your mobile devices as well as your computer.  If you are using an email "client" like MS Outlook to handle your mail, remember as well that any lists you have created there may also have to be updated.

If you use the former addresses for these three people/functions after August 31, the messages you send will "bounce back" to you.  To recover, forward your original message (it will be in your "sent messages" folder) to the correct address.

You'll always be able to find the email addresses for the Town on this website.

BYLAW FOR LARGE-SCALE SOLAR INSTALLATIONS IS NEARING FINAL DRAFT: YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED -- The Planning Board of the Town of Hawley is STILL ACTIVELY SEEKING feedback and guidance as  it finalizes a proposed by-law concerning large-scale solar installations. This by-law will affect how the Town manages this issue going forward.  NOW is the time to offer your comments and insights.  If you have already contributed feedback, check out the results here. 

Please review the draft of the proposed by-law for large-scale solar installations by following the links to the three documents below --

-- and send your feedback to --

NEW APPOINTMENTS LISTED -- A small Town like Hawley is fueled by the efforts of its volunteers.  While some appointed and elected positions do receive stipends, very few are paid highly enough to constitute a "living."  So all who serve the Town deserve our thanks.

The following is a list of people whose appointments to various Town roles and committees were approved at the Selectboard meeting held on Tuesday, June 17.  Some of them have served in the same capacity for several years, and are being reappointed.  All of them deserve our cooperation and support.  The list has been sorted alphabetically by the volunteers' last names:

Joyce Charland - Council on Aging (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Fire Chief (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Forest Fire Warden (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Emergency Management Director (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Measurer of Wood and Surveyor of Lumber (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Representative to Regional Emergency Planning Commission (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Lloyd Crawford - Conservation Commission (3 year term, exp. 2017)
Peter Mitchell - Agriculture Commission (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Pamela Shrimpton - Historical Commission (3 year term, exp. 2017)
Pamela Shrimpton - Burial Agent (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Kathryn Sternstein - Planning Board (5 year term, exp. 2019)
Cyndie Stetson - Council on Aging (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Christopher Tirone - Animal Control Officer (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Christopher Tirone - Representative to Veterans Service Center (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Lisa Turner - Council on Aging (1 year term, exp. 2015)

In addition, the following people have been appointed as Election Registrars in the past two months:

Margaret Eggert
Daniel Hoyt
Melanie Poudrier
Pamela Shrimpton

A more complete list of the Town's Fiscal 2015 appointees will be published on this website shortly.