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Press Release . . .


Meet your legislative delegation; all are welcome    

PITTSFIELD - State Senator Benjamin B. Downing (D- Pittsfield) announces today that his September Coffee & Conversation forum will be held at the Hawley Town Office (located at 8 Pudding Hollow Road) on Tuesday, September 16, from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

In order to be accessible to all his constituents, no matter where they live, Senator Downing hosts at least 10 Coffee & Conversation open forums in rotating towns across his Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin & Hampden district.

This month, Downing will be joined by his colleague State Representative Paul Mark (D-Peru) who represents the 16 communities of the Second Berkshire House District, including Hawley.

All are welcome to join the Senator, Rep. Mark and their district staff to pose a question, submit a comment or pitch an idea regarding state government. Downing provides free coffee and refreshments for those who attend. 

For more details on the Senator’s Coffee & Conversation program, please visit Downing’s online office at and click on “Upcoming Events.”

From Pam Shrimpton, Town Clerk . . .


Here are the tallies for the State Primary Election held on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at the Town Office.  Voter turnout was low:  49 out of 258 registered Hawley voters, of which 11 were election workers and 7 were absentee voters.

(In the table below, multiple candidates for each office are ranked by number of votes received.)     

-- Democratic Party Candidates --
Office Candidate # of Votes
Senator in Congress Edward J. Markey 31
Governor Martha Coakley
Donald M. Berwick
Stven Grossman
Lieutenant Governor Stephen J. Kerrigan
Leland Cheung
Michael E. Lake
Attorney General Maura Healey
Warren E. Tolman
Secretary of State William Francis Galvin 34
Treasurer Barry R. Finegold
Deborah B. Goldberg
Thomas P. Conroy
Auditor Suzanne M. Bump 33
Representative in Congress Richard E. Neal 36
Councillor Michael J. Albano 32
Senator in General Court Benjamin Downing 35
Representative in General Court Paul W. Mark 34
District Attorney David E. Sullivan 34
Register of Probate John F. Merrigan 35
-- Republican Party Candidates --
Office Candidate # of Votes
Senator in Congress Brian J. Herr 9
Governor Charles D. Baker
Mark R. Fisher
Lieutenant Governor Karyn E. Polito 9
Attorney General John B. Miller 8
Secretary of State David D'Arcangelo 9
Treasurer Michael James Heffernan 9
Auditor Patricia S. Saint Aubin 8
No other candidates were placed on the Republican State Primary Ballot.


TOWN EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE CHANGING -- Now that the Town's broadband internet connection has been tested and found viable, the Hawley Communications Committee is working on changing all official email addresses over to to the same format as the website.  Email addresses will be issued for all officers using the following format:

. . . .  

The purpose of this change is to tie the addresses to the town domain name instead of to Internet Service Providers (HughesNet, Crocker, CornerStone, etc.), thus giving the Town more flexibility in the future and eliminating duplicate fees.

The following three email addresses have been changed effective immedately:

Name Function(s) Email Address
Virginia Gabert ♦ Admin Assistant
♦ Assistant Treasurer
♦ Board of Assessors
♦ General Inquiries
Pamela Shrimpton ♦ Town Clerk
Stephen Deane ♦ Chief of Police

When changing these addresses, remember to change them in your mobile devices as well as your computer.  If you are using an email "client" like MS Outlook to handle your mail, remember as well that any lists you have created there may also have to be updated.

If you use the former addresses for these three people/functions after August 31, the messages you send will "bounce back" to you.  To recover, forward your original message (it will be in your "sent messages" folder) to the correct address.

Here are the email addresses for our two, newly-appointed Town Officers:

New Email Addresses - Effective Immediately
Name Function(s) Email Address
Kristi (Kris) Nartowicz ♦ Treasurer
Elizabeth (Betty) Nichols ♦ Tax Collector

You'll always be able to find the email addresses for the Town on this website.

TOWN APPOINTS TWO FINANCIAL OFFICERS -- Hawley's search for two key financial positions was concluded successfully with the Selectboard's appointment of Kristi Nartowicz, of Colrain, as Treasurer, and Elizabeth Nichols, of Heath, as Tax Collector.  Both appointees have significant prior experience in these positions.

Kristi (Kris) Nartowicz currently works as Treasurer for the Towns of Heath, Leyden, Rowe and Colrain and has a total of 11 years’ experience as a Town Treasurer.  She worked previously as a Staff Accountant for A.R. Sandri in Greenfield.  

Elizabeth (Betty) Nichols has worked as Tax Collector for the Town of Heath for 20 years.  She also runs the Ashfield water treatment facility. 

Both appointments are for part-time positions.  Kristi and Betty will be meeting with outgoing Treasurer / Tax Collector Charlie Stetson to get briefed on the particulars of their positions over the next week or so, and will officially assume their duties effective September 1.  Their office hours will be posted shortly thereafter.

BYLAW FOR LARGE-SCALE SOLAR INSTALLATIONS IS NEARING FINAL DRAFT:  YOUR FEEDBACK IS NEEDED -- The Planning Board of the Town of Hawley is STILL ACTIVELY SEEKING feedback and guidance as  it finalizes a proposed by-law concerning large-scale solar installations. This by-law will affect how the Town manages this issue going forward.  NOW is the time to offer your comments and insights.  If you have already contributed feedback, check out the results here. 

Please review the draft of the proposed by-law for large-scale solar installations by following the links to the three documents below --

-- and send your feedback to --

HAWLEY ASSESSORS RESPOND TO LATEST NEFF POSITION PIECE -- On June 11, the New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF) published a position piece in the Greenfield Recorder extolling the benefits to small towns of the recent Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) decision allowing that organization (and others like it) to hold large tracts of land in Hawley and other Massachesetts towns while paying zero in real estate property taxes.

The Hawley Assessors responded, saying, in essence, that they'd "rather have the money," and discussing the long-term effects of the SJC decision on small, rural towns.  That response was published in the Recorder on Thursday, July 3, and is available for download HERE.  

WARNING -- 50% of the ticks tested from Hawley so far have showed positive for Lyme Disease.  The testing is being done by UMASS in conjunction with FRCOG's Community Public Health Service. Be vigilant with tick checks, and submit ticks for testing.


Between June and October 2014, staff members of Trout Unlimited and community volunteers will be conducting field assessments of stream crossings within the Deerfield River Watershed, including the Town of Hawley.

For more complete information on affected communities and the purposes of the survey, download the public notice HERE.

FCSWMD ISSUES REMINDERS ABOUT COMPOST PAILS, LATE-SUMMER EVENTS -- The Franklin County Solid Waste Management District reminding area residents about composting items, and fall cleanup events.  Here's a synopsis: 
Kitchen compost pails are available at many towns and also at the district office in Greenfield.  These 1.9-gallon pails are meant to collect food waste in the kitchen, and the materials then emptied into backyard or municipal compost bins.
FCSWMD is holding its annual hazardous waste collection on Saturday, September 20th, concurrently at GCC Main Campus and Orange Transfer Station.  To participate, area residents must pre-register between August 15th and September 12th.  
The District is holding its fall “Clean Sweep” bulky waste collection on Saturday, October 18, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Buckland Recreation Facility on Rt. 112 South, the Northfield Highway Garage, and the Whately Transfer Station.
For full information on these and other services provided by FCSWMD, including pricing, click HERE.

NEW APPOINTMENTS LISTED -- A small Town like Hawley is fueled by the efforts of its volunteers.  While some appointed and elected positions do receive stipends, very few are paid highly enough to constitute a "living."  So all who serve the Town deserve our thanks.

The following is a list of people whose appointments to various Town roles and committees were approved at the Selectboard meeting held on Tuesday, June 17.  Some of them have served in the same capacity for several years, and are being reappointed.  All of them deserve our cooperation and support.  The list has been sorted alphabetically by the volunteers' last names:

Joyce Charland - Council on Aging (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Fire Chief (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Forest Fire Warden (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Emergency Management Director (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Measurer of Wood and Surveyor of Lumber (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Gregory Cox - Representative to Regional Emergency Planning Commission (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Lloyd Crawford - Conservation Commission (3 year term, exp. 2017)
Peter Mitchell - Agriculture Commission (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Pamela Shrimpton - Historical Commission (3 year term, exp. 2017)
Pamela Shrimpton - Burial Agent (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Kathryn Sternstein - Planning Board (5 year term, exp. 2019)
Cyndie Stetson - Council on Aging (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Christopher Tirone - Animal Control Officer (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Christopher Tirone - Representative to Veterans Service Center (1 year term, exp. 2015)
Lisa Turner - Council on Aging (1 year term, exp. 2015)

In addition, the following people have been appointed as Election Registrars in the past two months:

Margaret Eggert
Daniel Hoyt
Melanie Poudrier
Pamela Shrimpton

A more complete list of the Town's Fiscal 2015 appointees will be published on this website shortly.

NATIONAL GRID URGES USE OF "CALL BEFORE YOU DIG" NUMBER -- Spring and early summer are the times in Hawley when the digging, trenching and excavating begin every year in earnest.  According to utility National Grid [disclaimer], this is also a time of danger, as ". . . there were 520 natural gas or electrical network incidents caused by damage to the system . . ." during 2013.  These were attributed to excavator error or failure to call "811" prior to beginning work.

811?  Yes, there is a special "Dig Safe®" number that has been set up specifically for the purpose of tracking dig sites and avoiding the kinds of problems -- like power outages and natural gas leaks -- that have been all-too-prevalent in the past.  The 811 number is a multi-utility service, so residents and contractors can place one call and not have to worry about which utility is involved.

More information, along with some relevant website links, can be found in a press release that National Grid issued as part of its efforts in support of 'National Safe Digging Month'.  Download it HERE. 

EMERGENCY-PREPAREDNESS KIT CHECKLIST AVAILABLE --  One thing to come out of the Emergency P reparedness meeting that was held on Monday, May 19 was a graphic checklist of items for Hawley households to have in their "kits" in case of a power emergency, bad weather or an evacuation occurred.  Issued by FEMA, this ckecklist can be downloaded HERE [1.1 MB file].         

Hawley's New Window on the World
HAWLEY INAUGURATES BROADBAND INTERNET AT TOWN OFFICE -- After years of discussion and months of committee work, the Hawley Selectboard is proud to announce the availability of Broadband Internet at the Town Office.  It is called "Broadband" rather than "High-Speed" Internet because, at (click for more)
PIGLET VIRUS RISK UPGRADED -- REPORTING NOW REQUIRED -- An Updated Special Report from Hawley's Inspector of Animals.  Click HERE.