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Free High Speed Internet Hotspots

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Presidential Election News From Pam Shrimpton

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Hello fellow Hawleyites!

The purpose of this message is to review the procedures for voting on Tuesday November 3, 2020 in the Presidential Election.

I have been receiving many inquiries regarding when residents can expect to receive their November 3 ballots.  I expect ballots to arrive from the State Elections Division on or around October 5th.  At that point, I will mail out the Early Voting/Absentee ballots to those who sent in application cards/papers prior to the September Primary and checked off the box to receive the 11/3 ballot by mail and to those who I am presently receiving request cards from.
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Broadband — the Latest for Hawley

By Lark Thwing
As of 9/2/20

The short version is that we plan to complete the infrastructure (i.e., poles) by year end, but customer connections and service improvements will continue well into 2021 due to limited staffing. In Hawley, by late September, poles will be installed on Stetson Road, West Hawley Road near Savoy Road, and East Hawley Road near Sisum’s. Poles will be installed in other towns as well. Continue reading

September One Primary Election Results

Here are the State Primary Election Results for the Town of Hawley:

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Baker Administration, MBI Extend Free HotSpot Program through 12/31/2020

WESTBOROUGH – The Baker-Polito Administration has officially extended the free wireless hotspot program that has delivered public high-speed internet connections to residents and students in unserved Massachusetts towns, in response to the COVID-19 public health pandemic. The program, originally slated to end September 1st, will be extended through the end of 2020.

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Special Notice about Reaching the Tax Collector

The Collector’s office is currently closed due to Covid-19. You can reach the Collector at 413-337-6665. Office hours are Monday 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. People needing to see the collector in person can call to schedule an appointment. The collector will NOT be at the town office on Thursday afternoons except by appointment.

From Pamela — Elections, Registering OnLine, In-Person Voting, Early Voting, Voting by Mail

Hello Fellow Hawleyites!

You by now should have received your vote by mail (early/absentee voter) application card in the mail which covers the 9/1/2020 State Primary and the 11/3/2020 State Presidential Election.  If you choose to vote early by mail, please complete the card (postage to Town Hall pre-paid) and check either election or both.  If you would like a ballot for the State Primary which will be held on 9/1, please remember to choose a party IF you are un-enrolled.  If you are enrolled in a party, you will receive a ballot for that party.

Voting in Person and Early Voting

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New Travel Restrictions Announced: New England States, NY, NJ, HI Have Exceptions

Jana Ferguson, Assistant Commissioner of the
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
has notified the Hawley Board of Health as follows:


Governor Baker has announced that effective August 1st, all travelers entering Massachusetts—both out of state residents and Massachusetts residents returning home—must comply with a new travel order. This includes students returning to campuses for the fall semester. Continue reading

Broadband Update By FHMS Chair Lark Thwing

NOTE: this report was originally written by FHMS Chair Lark Thwing for the various stakeholders of the Four Towns FHMS Broadband Project, including voting representatives of the Four Towns (Florida, Hawley, Monroe and Savoy), consultants Interisle and DesignNine, and MBI officials.  While it is addressed primarily to those stakeholders, hopefully it will give community members a sense of the project’s status as well. 

Hi Everybody,

Here’s hoping all of you are safe and well and that covid-19 has not affected you or any of those near and dear to you.

You haven’t heard anything from me or probably anybody else about FHMS Broadband since our conference call in the early part of June. Since that time there have been a number of complications. Brian’s mom had been very ill and passed away about 10 days ago. This alone has taken a great deal of his time and energy.
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Materials for New Pandemic Voting Options . . .

By Pam Shrimpton, Hawley Town Clerk

ALL HAWLEY RESIDENTS WILL SOON BE receiving from Secretary of State William Galvin’s office via the USPS Absentee/Early Voting applications for the September 1st State Primary and the November 3rd General Election.

Due to the pandemic, we are still encouraging voters to vote by mail, however you may still vote at Town Hall on Election Days and on select Early Voting periods to be announced.

You will be able to choose to receive ballots for either election or both. The September 1st application will be due August 26th and the November 3rd application will be due on October 28th.

If you are an unenrolled voter, please remember to choose your party for the Primary Election.

Hope this note finds all Hawleyites well and safe.

Thank you. Please direct any questions to Town Clerk Pamela Shrimpton at townclerk@townofhawley.com or call 413-339-5518 or 413-339-4091.

School Budgets: What Happened, Why, What’s Next

WITH SCHOOL BUDGETS MAKING UP SUCH A LARGE proportion of the Town of Hawley’s total annual expenditures, it has to be a matter of concern when they are voted down summarily at Town Meeting. Here, in five concise points, is Selectboard Chair Hussain Hamdan’s explanation of what happened and why:

  1. The two school budgets were turned down as a formality.  In fact, this was done with the support of both the school district administration and the school committee.
  1. The reason is that the budgets were approved by school committee back in March, before anyone knew how much COVID-19 and the resultant loss of tax revenue was going to impact state aid.  Once this was understood, it became abundantly clear that these budgets were not in keeping with the financial realities we would be facing.

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