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Internet Outage Explained . . .

AS THESE THINGS TEND TO GO, Saturday’s Internet Outage was resolved relatively quickly. Project Manager Lark Thwing comments:

Many of you know that we had a network outage from mid morning until around 5 pm on Saturday. Project Lead Brian Foucher tells me that the fiber to Chapel Road in Savoy was repaired by 5 pm and the fiber connection to the Florida Town Hall was repaired shortly after.

Brian told me that the outage was due to a fiber break in North Adams.

I am waiting to learn what caused the fiber outages and is there anything we could do so we can prevent this type of occurrence in the future.

We have redundancy and both main links failed at once it seems.

Please spread this info within your communities.


Kirby (Lark) Thwing

Of Trash Bags and Hazardous Waste

Orange trash bags have arrived, but we don’t have a lot. We’re asking people to purchase only two packages (20 bags) at a time so that everyone who needs them can get them. Please give Tinky a call at 339-5518 to let me know when you’d like to pick some up. As of August 3 Greg Cox will have some as well.

The Franklin County Solid Waste District is planning to hold the 2022 household hazardous waste collection on Saturday, September 24, at GCC’s Main Campus and the Orange Transfer Station.

Residents and businesses must pre-register by September 16th. Online pre-registration for the 2022 collection will begin in mid-August at Mail-in registration forms will be available in late August at town transfer stations and in local newspapers.

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