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Hawleyite Amelie Rowehl Is Named MTRS 2021 Superintendent’s Award Recipient

THE MOHAWK TRAIL REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT IS PROUD  to announce that Amelie Rowehl, of the Town of Hawley, is the Mohawk Trail Regional School’s 2021 Superintendent’s Award recipient.

Rowehl is a stand-out in her class as a committed student, athlete, and valued member of the community. Ranked first in her class with a 4.54 grade point average, Rowehl consistently challenges herself both in-and-outside the classroom taking Advanced Placement courses while balancing school, sports, and working at her family business.  Continue reading


FOUR FRANKLIN COUNTY INSTITUTIONS are pleased to announce that businesses, nonprofits, artists, and farmers in the Village of Shelburne Falls and the hilltowns in Franklin and Hampshire Counties may apply for small grants of $2,500 to $15,000.

The grants are being made to help qualified entities and individuals (see grant criteria) to survive the pandemic, enabling them to cover expenses such as payroll, rent, inventory, equipment, working capital and COVID related losses. Grant applications and criteria can be accessed on the internet at or be sent to you via email.

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FHMS Broadband Update for Hawley — as of 3/5/2021

THE LAST BROADBAND POLE IN HAWLEY should be operational by Friday, the 12th of March. Yesterday the 4th of March the pole by Richard Yates’s house was made operational and I was connected to the internet. Hussain Hamdan also notified me that he was connected to the internet yesterday and is thrilled with his service. 

65 people in Hawley have broadband setups in their home and 58 of those people are actually receiving broadband service. The others are waiting for either the pole by Yates or the pole by Jimmy Scott which will be operational by next Friday.
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