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21 $49 WiredWest Refunds Available in April

  1. Wait until after April first (gov’t processing time)
  2. Go to
  3. Search on “unclaimed property,” using your
    last name as a key word.

FHMS Broadband Update for Hawley

Updated January 10, 2021
by Lark Thwing

Friday December 18 we completed the Phase 3 sites including the Stetson Road site, the site on West Hawley Road near Savoy Road, the site near Shrimpton’s on Forge Hollow Road, and the site near 129 East Hawley Road (which is temporarily powered by an extension cord from the Sisum’s house).

Phase 4 sites are in the works. Poles are already up at the Hawley Town Hall and the East Hawley Rd site near Yates/Scott. By January 15, we expect to have poles installed on Plainfield Rd near the Scott farm and at the Lawless site, the big house on the cliff overlooking west Hawley. We expect these Phase 4 sites to be configured by the end of January, waiting only for power from National Grid at the Plainfield Road site and the existing pole near Yates/Scott. Continue reading