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December 4, 2020 FHMS Broadband Update from Lark Thwing

As promised, we are moving forward with the FHMS network infrastructure. By Friday December 11, we will have completed the Phase 3 sites including the Stetson Road site, as well as the site on West Hawley Road near Savoy Road, the site near Shrimpton’s on Forge Hollow Road, and the site near 129 East Hawley Road.

For months the site at Forget Road east of Grout Rd, the Forget Road site near Sidehill farm/Doane Cemetery, the site at the top of West Hill Rd above Stumpsprouts,  and the Berkshire East site have been operational.

If you live near one of these eight sites and want broadband, please contact Kate Albert at WiValley. Her email is and her phone is 603-546-7204.

Provide her with your name, address, city, phone and email address. She will reach out to you.

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Chairman Hamdan: Only Telephonic Select Board Meetings After 12/8/20

As you know, I have a strong preference for in person meetings. However I also have to protect this Town and to make decisions based on data. We are dealing with a major resurgence of COVID-19. A lot of people are getting sick or dying.

Tuesday, December 8th will be a hybrid SelectBoard meeting as planned.  

HOWEVER until further notice, all future Select Board meetings are going to be via teleconference. Warrants will be emailed, voted over the phone, and then I will sign paper copies the next day as I have been authorized to do. I am making this decision as the Chairman of this Board as I believe it is my prerogative to do.
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King’s Corner Project Bid – Results and Award

There was a bid put out to evaluate a series of culvert replacements and repairs in the Kings Corner area. Click HERE for details.