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IN THE INTEREST OF DECREASING the chance of contamination from the virus, the Selectboard is encouraging the following steps:

TOWN OFFICE OPERATIONS: Visits to the office are discouraged, but arrangements can be made by telephone or email – see “Town Business” below for details. Hours of operation will be limited and may change without notice. If you need to do business in person, call or email in advance. 413-339-5518;
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No Mud Party This Year . . .

CANCELLATION — The Sons & Daughters of Hawley board has cancelled its annual Mud Party as a precaution against the corona virus.  The board felt this was the wise decision to make, especially considering the age of many people in our community.  We will miss being together!   Be safe, stay healthy, wash your hands!

CHECK the Website Calendar periodically for other events and cancellations.

7:00 .. 30 .. 16 .. 7:04 .. 15/1

TRANSLATION: 16 Hawley voters associated under a set of special requirements at 7:00 pm Monday evening, March 30 and convened a Special Town Meeting to consider the purchase of a new (used) Fire Pumper. They were ably aided by Town Moderator Lark Thwing and Town Clerk Pamela Shrimpton.

The vote was fifteen-to-one in favor of the purchase, and the meeting was adjourned at 7:04 pm.

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To authorize purchase of a


(Download Town Meeting Warrant)

THE TRUCK, presently located in Plattsburg, NY, is an E-1 1996 1250 gal/min pumper truck.  The Fire Department would like to replace the present 1980 Ford 1000 gal pumper, its oldest truck, with the E-1.

With the Ford on the Long-range Financial Plan schedule to be replaced this year, Bob Root the Deputy Fire Chief has been looking for a replacement for almost a year.  This new truck is definitely an upgrade and yet still fits the East Hawley Fire Station’s size limitation. The new truck is a diesel, with a plastic water tank (an improvement because it doesn’t rust), has 27,000 miles, and is better organized and more efficient.

The funds are presently available in the Fire Equipment Stabilization Fund. The Selectboard, Finance Committee, and Fire Chief Greg Cox recommend approval of this purchase.

THE SELECTBOARD INTENDS TO HOLD THIS MEETING IN A MANNER THAT LIMITS RESIDENT’S EXPOSURE TO THE COVD-19 VIRUS.  Since it’s likely to be a short meeting, we are considering holding it outside (weather permitting).  Of course as the wider situation evolves, the meeting may need to be cancelled – please watch for any changes/updates.

We encourage your questions/concerns in advance regarding this purchase, please contact Bob Root at 339-5592, Hussain Hamdan at 339-5320, or the Administrative Assistant at the Town Office 413-339-5518. 

Corona . . .

1.     Wash your hands regularly, especially before eating and after being in public places.  Ordinary soap and water will do the trick.

2.     Avoid putting your hands near your face.

3.     Carry around hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes.

4.     When at the store, wipe down the handle of your shopping cart or basket with a disinfecting wipe before use (many stores now have these), and wipe your hands again after leaving stores and public places.

5.     If you cough, cover your mouth and nose with a cloth or paper towel, or your sleeve if necessary, but never your hand.  If you do use your hands, wash them immediately.

6.     If you are sick, don’t share it! Stay home.

7.     If you have to call 911 for an emergency and you suspect that you or people in your household are sick with Coronavirus or any other contagious illness, please let the dispatcher know that, so that emergency responders can wear proper protective gear.  Our firefighters and EMTs can’t help people if they get sick themselves.

8.     Get plenty of sleep, eat well, avoid stress, and try to stay in good shape.  Your chances of recovering from just about any sickness have a lot to do with how you were doing before you got it.

Corona Virus Guidance from the CDC . . .

The information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the .pdf link shown below is very basic. Included are recommendations for the Workplace, Schools, Home and Commercial Establishments.

Here’s the Link:

While these four slides offer a compact summary, more information is available at

Hawley’s Primary Election Tally . . .


OhMyGosh! – A New (Hawley) World Record?

YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS, but we took in $575 !!!!!! at the primary election day bake sale and there may still be some outstanding contributions yet to be made.

We should be so grateful for all the cooks in town who baked items then bought some others to take home. With everyone doing just a little bit (except for Beth [Thwing] who goes over the top! And Juanita [Clark] who must spend her life in the kitchen along with others who prepared multiple items), this has become a fundraiser worth looking forward to.

Melanie Poudrier

(Proceeds go to the Sons and Daughters of Hawley.)