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Coming Soon – The 2020 U.S. Census!

STARTING IN MID-MARCH, residents across Franklin County will receive a letter asking them to complete the 2020 Census questionnaire online or by telephone (or later with a paper copy). It’s very important that everyone in Franklin County is counted. This data determines the distribution of billions of dollar of federal resources and defines our legislative districts for the next ten years.

It is estimated that $2,372 per person in annual federal resources will be lost for every person not counted in the Census. If Franklin County is undercounted by just 3% (i.e. just 3 people out of every 100 are not counted), we could lose over $50 million in federal resources over a ten-year period. — Jessica Atwood, Economic Development Program Manager, Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG)

Now that the Storm is “over” . . .


Melting and Flooding
Slippery Intersections
Falling Branches, weakened by the storm
Other Hazards Overhead (Wear a Hard Hat in the Woods)