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Greenfield Savings Bank Donates Elm Tree . . .

THERE’S A NEW TREE ON THE BLOCK, and it’s possible that it is the only one  of its kind in the Town. It’s an American Elm, a.k.a. White Elm, and is reputed to be more disease resistant than its earlier relatives.

The elm, which has a two-inch diameter trunk and stands about eight feet tall, was donated to Hawley by Greenfield Savings Bank (GSB) as part of the Bank’s Sesquicentennial celebration. GSB has been in business for 150 years.
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The Old Becomes the New . . .

THIS PICTURE SHOWS THE CURRENT appearance of the 1995 L-8000 Hawley highway truck that took a severe beating in an accident early last winter. Continue reading

MBI Release Reports 4-Town Broadband On Track

MBI has issued the following Press Release on the status of the Four Towns Broadband Project:

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Four-Town Network on Track to Close Digital Divide in Spring 2020

New regional wireless network garners high marks from initial customers
WESTBOROUGH, MASS – WiValley-MA, Inc. (WiValley) has announced that the four-town wireless broadband network, funded by the Commonwealth’s Last Mile broadband program, is now on track to completion in the spring of 2020.

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Prefer Broadband Pictures? Check these Out . . .

Click HERE for some pictures from the FHMS Four Towns Broadband project.

Question of the Month . . .

QUESTION: What does “FHMS” have to do with Broadband?

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