Monthly Archives: July 2017

Gun Registration, Renewal Delays . . .

HAWLEY POLICE CHIEF JARED BELLOWS reported at the Tuesday, July 25 Selectboard meeting that a change in state policy regarding firearms licenses is causing unusually long renewal delays. 

As of January 1, the state began refusing to accept anything but electronic applications that are processed using the Massachusetts Instant Record Check System (MIRCS).  This changeover has caused a backlog of renewals, and the fact that Hawley has not been issued a copy of the MIRCS software by the State adds to the problem.

Jared, who also serves as Charlemont’s Chief of Police, advises gun owners to submit early enough to allow plenty of time to process renewals and new applications.  That could be as long as 12 weeks. 

While Jared said that the backlog has been sorted out and renewal cards should be on their way in a couple of weeks, it will still be a while until the system becomes efficient.  Chick HERE for information on how to reach Jared. 

Legal Reminder . . .

IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS of the new Massachusetts “Act to Improve Public Records,” Town Clerk Pamela Shrimpton was appointed Records Access Officer (RAO) for the Town of Hawley. Pamela oversees the process by which public records are stored and made available for the Town, as well as aiding people who request information. Administrative Assistant Cass Nawrocki serves as Pamela’s Alternate for the role. 

Pamela’s hours of availability and contact information are the same as for the Town Clerk, and can be found HERE.  Once they are approved by the Selectboard, a formal set of guidelines for the RAO position will be posted in the “Records” section of this website.