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It’s Tick Season Again . . .

HAWLEY PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE Lisa White was in contact with the Town Office recently to alert us that Tick Season is here, and to remind us that the best cure for Tick-Borne Diseases is prevention.

With the advent of warmer weather, the ticks are already doing their heinous work.  For some tips on how to identify them and fend off their unwelcome diseases, click HERE.

Almost a New Record . . .

The Town Meeting on May 8 convened at  6:59 pm and adjourned at 7:25, with Moderator Lark Thwing at the helm. While there have been shorter meetings, according to Town Clerk Pamela Shrimpton, it was “almost” a record.  Some tidbits:

  • Budget-related Articles 12 and 13 were passed over, due to the fact that we did not have the “sum” amounts; and,
  • All other votes were unanimous.

Election Winners . . .

Town of Hawley, MA: 5/1/17 Election Results
(Winners are in Bold)
Office Candidate # of Votes
Selectman Robert Root   38
Town Clerk Pam Shrimpton 41
Assessor Rick Kean 40
Hawlemont School Committee Sarah Rich 37
Representative to K-12 Committee for MTRSD Write-In’s:
Hussain Hamden
Suzanne Crawford
Courtney Hoyt
Kim Orczechowsky


Moderator Write-In’s:
Lark Thwing
Scott Purinton
Chris Tirone


Auditor Write-In’s:
Carla Clark
Lorraine McCarthy


Congratulations to the Winners!

Note:  42 voters participated in the May 1 Hawley election.  Write-in winners would have to accept their respective positions.