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Major Meeting on School Futures . . .

“BEST” COMMITTEE TO PRESENT RECOMMENDATIONS — Monday, December 12 is the date for the first public presentation ofone-room-school-house-layer sustainability recommendations for the Mohawk Trail  Regional School District (MTRSD) by the District’s “BEST” committee.  “BEST” stands for Building, Education, Sustainability and Trust, and is a committee of 14 members, all of whom have direct involvement in the dealings of the MTRSD. 

The meeting, which will convene at Mohawk Auditorium at 7:00 pm, will focus on recommendations developed over the course of the past 10 months as BEST and its various subcommittees have met to grapple with the issue of how to keep the schools alive, efficient, successful and thriving in the face of economic and population issues.

 Please Note

There will be a follow-up meeting for discussion of the particular impact of the “BEST” proposals on the towns of Hawley and Charlemont at 7:00 pm. on Thursday, January 5 at Hawlemont School.

Recommendations that will be aired at this meeting will include Continue reading