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New Police Chief, Hours . . .

THE HAWLEY SELECTBOARD HAS APPOINTED Jared Bellows, who also serves as Charlemont’s Chief, to be the Town’s temporary policechiefhatPolice Chief.  Jared will be holding office hours at the Hawley Town Office on the second Wednesday of each month from 5-7 pm.

Jared’s first session will be on Wednesday, October 12.   Come in and say ‘Hello” to Jared, apply for or renew your Firearms license, etc.  The Town will be setting up an online FID licensing facility within the Town Office in the near future.  Call Jared at (413) 339-5518 (leave a message) or go
HERE for his Charlemont contact information.

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WiredWest — It’s Final . . .

IN A PROCESS THAT TOOK 2+ MONTHS TO BE COMPLETED, the Town of Hawley has withdrawn its membership from the WiredWest Cooperative (WW).  The letter from the Hawley Selectboard to WW which takes that action that can be downloaded HERE.

Ostensibly, the withdrawal came in response to WW’s request. In recent months, that organization has had trouble meeting quorum requirements because a number of Western Massachusetts towns have developed direct relationships with MBI and thus have seemed less interested than previously in attending WW functions. 

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For the Charlemont Selectboard . . .

THE VOCATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE (VEAC) has penned a detailed and definitive letter to the Charlemont Selectboard explaining the purposes and priorities of the organization in monitoring an educational enterprise that costs the four towns which comprise it “. . . almost $700,000 per year.”  The four affected towns are Hawley, Charlemont, Ashfield and Plainfield, and the expenditures are for vocational school “. . . tuition and transportation services.”

The letter is signed by Hawley’s John Sears, VEAC Chair, and Ashfield’s David Newell, VEAC Clerk.  Download a .pdf copy of it HERE