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New Development in Broadband . . .

MBI TO EXPLORE FIXED WIRELESS AS A GENERAL OPTION MBI Director of Technology Dave Charbonneau surprised at least pole-n-signalsome of the participants at the Hybrid-Wireless Working Group at the Hawley Town Office on Thursday evening, April 7 when he outlined plans to evaluate a number of wireless options as he works to get Broadband implementation “moving forward” in Western Massachusetts.

The Hybrid-Wireless Working Group (HWWG) is an ad hoc assemblage of representatives of Towns in Western MA which, like Hawley, have been exploring wireless Broadband because they Continue reading

Selectboard Seeks Halt to DCR Land Purchase . . .

IN A LETTER TO THE GOVERNOR penned by Fire Chief Greg Coxflaming-letter and signed by the Hawley Selectboard, the Town has criticized the pending purchase of privately-owed woodlands in the Dubuque State Forest by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) as an example of “backward” priorities. “Rather than buying . . . land it cannot afford to maintain, the state should concentrate on caring for the land it already owns,” the letter states.

The letter goes on. While Hawley has a long history of supporting conservation, our residents have become increasingly unhappy with the state continuing to buy land due to concerns about the loss of Continue reading

Interesting Aside . . .

The Selectboard Letter to Governor Baker (ABOVE) was straighforward in terms of the Board’s overall priorities:

Hawley’s most pressing concern is finding a way to get high speed (broadband) Internet in Hawley at a price the town and residents can afford.  Restoring Middle Road, while not unimportant, only affects some residents, while the lack of Internet or cell phone service affects residents and visitors alike.

Amnesty for Commonwealth Tax Penalties . . .

WHILE IT DOES NOT AFFECT LOCAL TOWN TAXES, the2016TaxAmnestyPoster1 Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) has put a tax amnesty program in place for the months of April and May that encompasses a number of other types of Mass. tax revenues.  These could be relevant to individuals or business owners who want to get out from under late fees and interest charges on unpaid back taxes, in these categories:

Business Taxes — 33 types (access full list HERE); and,
Personal Taxes — 5 types, including Estate Tax, Fiduciary Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Personal Use Tax and Cigarette Excise for Individuals.

For more information about this amnesty program, including various forms and how to apply, click HERE.