Broadband (?) . . .

FOR AN UPDATE on what’s going on with the Broadband effort in Hawley, click “Broadband Status Update” and “Supplemental Fundingat the “Broadband Tab.

Focus on Broadband Funding . . .

REPRESENTATIVE PAUL MARK WILL BE MEETING with the Hawley Communications Committee and Selectboard Members on Thursday, November 19 to discuss funding for Broadband and alternatives to fiber.

The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm at the Town Office. The agenda will include:

♦ Recent interactions with MBI;
♦ Hawley’s MBI Planning Grant;
♦ Supplemental Funding;
♦ Need for flexibility as alternatives to Fiber-to-the-Premises are explored;
♦ Next steps for Legislative funding.

Two Major Items on Town Meeting Docket . . .

THE SPECIAL TOWN MEETING THAT HAS BEEN SET for 7:00 pm on Thursday, December 3 at the Town Office will consider two majorgavelsktchup items.  The first is a Bylaw regulating the construction of Large-Scale Solar Generation Facilities, and the second is a Home Rule request to the Massachusetts Legislature to allow Hawley to establish a procedure for a Recall Vote to remove elected officials under certain circumstances.  Also on the docket are a handful of expenditure and funds transfer items which will be published in the Town Warrant.

There is a detailed article about the Recall Vote elsewhere on this website, and the Large-Scale Solar Bylaw draft (.pdf) can be accessed by clicking HERE

Good News X 2 . . .

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30 WAS A GOOD day for Hawley, as the Town received word that it had received two grant awards:

♦ The first is an $87,000 grant from MassWorks, a statewide amalgamgoodnewsx2 of six grant programs which is aimed at improving infrastructure throughout the Commonwealth. In Hawley’s case, the money is aimed at closing the gap on the needed expenditures to stabilize the banks of the Chickley River above the Town Garage, picking up on the funding where the National Emergency Management Administration (NEMA) left off. It means that the Town can complete this important project without adding to debt.

♦ The second award, a $5,000 Planning Assistance Grant from the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI), means that Hawley can take the first step toward determining whether and what kind of hybrid Internet system might be right for the Town and how much it would cost. Click HERE for more info on the MBI grant.

Town Office Spruce-Up Mission Accomplished . . .

THE FRANKLIN COUNTY SHERRIFF’S WORK CREW has completed repainting the exterior of the Hawley Town Office, with the help of a few dedicated Hawley volunteers.  The project was completed on Monday afternoon, October 26, as planned.  The group went on to repaint  a small Town storage shed on East Hawley Road, a project which took two more days.  Continue reading

Recall Bylaw Initiative Is Ready For Town Vote . . .

AS A RESULT OF A RECALL BYLAW PROPOSAL THAT WAS brought to the Annual Hawley Town Meeting in May, a committee wasrecall appointed by the Town Moderator to refine the measure and bring it back to  the voters at a future time.  The group has been meeting over the summer months and has reviewed numerous similar bylaws adopted by communities around the Commonwealth. 

The revised version that has been drafted by the committee resembles those passed elsewhere but does contain a couple of features that are unique to Hawley.  After refining the draft based on citizen input, the committee has unanimously   Continue reading

Website Reconstruction . . .

EXPECT GAPS AND GLITCHES!If this were a stretch of road reconstructionbgthat was being totally redone, we’d say something like, “Travel at your Own Risk.” But since we’re rebuilding a website rather than repairing a slab of macadam, maybe “Expect Gaps and Glitches” is more appropriate. Here’s what’s been going on:

Continue reading

MDAR Posts Avian Flu Alert . . .

ALTHOUGH NO INCIDENTS HAVE BEEN REPORTED IN OUR Commonwealth, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) has issued an alert regarding the spread of a new strain of Avian Flu virus. The virus has no known effect upon humans; however, it can have a devastating impact on many kinds of birds, most notably domestic poultry, as this    Continue reading

For Hurricane Season . . .

MEMA ISSUES POWER OUTAGE SAFETY TIPS — Stating hurricanethat “extended loss of power, during and after a hurricane, is a real possibility,” the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) has issued an advisory containing procedures to use during hurricane season.  Included are:

► General Preparation Tips;
► Food and Water Peparation;
► Medical Considerations;
► Travelong During a Power Outage; and,
► Safe Restoration of Power and Recovery.

To download the full advisory, click HERE.

Re-Paving Projects . . .

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR ROAD WORK — The Hawley Department of Streets and its subcontractors will be working on repaving projects on sections of three roads on the west side of Town this late summer and fall.  While the objective is to complete the projects before snow flies, that depends on a number of factors, including weather and availability of materials.

Affected roads include:

♦ Route 8A (11/2 mile section);
♦ Forge Hill Road; and,
♦ West Hill Road.