Bulletins . . .

♦ 2017 Dump Stickers – Town Office, $25; by June 30.
Happenings & Kudos (in and around Hawley).

Proactive, Flexible Stance . . .

THE MASSACHUSETTS BROADBAND INSTITUTE (MBI) HAS SET a fast pace in the weeks since it first announced a new direction and level of flexibility. For a Town like Hawley, this is the first time that Town officials and committee members have felt like they're really "in the game," as critical criteria have changed and a new attitude of cooperation has become apparent. Here's a six-point analysis of actions MBI has taken to keep things moving since May 10:

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MTRHS Silver Medal Award . . .

MOHAWK TRAIL REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN HONORED WITH A SILVER MEDAL by US News & World Report in its annual ranking of the Nation’s Best High Schools. [Downloads: ARTICLE; SLIDE PRESENTATION. (1MB .pdf file)]

The ranking is based on a formula that incorporates a number USNewsAwardof key variables including college readiness, Advanced Placement participation and performance, English and Math proficiency, graduation rate, progress in closing the achievement gap between different subgroups of students, and demographic composition of students.

Overall, Mohawk was ranked 74th out of 430 Massachusetts public high schools. The survey cited Mohawk’s proficiency in English (92%) and mathematics (87%) as well as the school’s overall 4-year graduation rate of 92%.
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Bridge & Road Closure Soon . . .

PLEASE NOTE THAT CLESSON BROOK ROAD in Buckland below Shepard Road will be closed soon except to local traffic — due to replacement of a bridge — until October.

East Hawley residents (and Sidehill Farm) should be prepared to either use the Shepard Road/Avery Road detour, or take Ashfield Road to Apple Valley and then go down Apple Valley Road to Route 112.
— Greg Cox, Hawley Fire Chief

Conflagration . . .

“FIRE” IS TOO SMALL A WORD to encompass what took place on Saturday, June 4 at Pete Mitchell’s Headwater Cider Orchard on Forget Road in East Hawley. It was a controlled burn, to be sure, with at least seven fire companies participating in addition to Hawley, but there was nothing controlled about the way the historic old house went up once the training exercises were complete, the perimeters were set and the flames were given free reign.

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Participating Towns included:

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The “MBI-Pause” — Is It Over? . . .

IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE GOVERNOR’S ANNOUNCEMENT of a change in posture by the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) for its Last Mile program, things seem to be moving in a positive — and more vigorous — direction.

Here’s a synopsis of what has taken place in the past 30 days:

On Wednesday, April 27, the Hawley Selectboard sent a letter to Governor Baker stating that Hawley:

  • would be pursuing a wireless option;
  • had decided “. . . not to pursue a fiber alternative due to excessive cost”; and that,
  • “. . . it is difficult to proceed until we have some clarity from the State regarding the future of the Massachusetts Broadband program and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI), both as a whole and as these  apply to Hawley.”

Hawley’s letter to the Governor went on to say that “. . . we urge the State to do everything possible to expedite the process of making already promised funding available, especially to those towns who are ready to commit to a direction that has been approved by MBI. Additionally, we are concerned regarding the impact that the Broadband Wireless Access Study (BWA) may have on existing schedules and plans.  We request reassurance of and action toward the State’s continued financial commitment.” [The text of this letter can be reviewed

On Tuesday, May 10, Governor Baker met with a group of Broadband representatives from Western Massachusetts and  Continue reading

Combined Cultural Council Seeks Input . . .

AS THEY PREPARE FOR THEIR NEXT GRANT-GIVING SEASON, the members of the Charlemont/Hawley Cultural Council are requesting feedback from the the greater Hawley-Charlemont community. Their questions include:

  1. Would you change anything in our guidelines (we emphasize funding local organizations/events and educational projects)?
  2. Are there any artists and/or groups you would like us to know about?
  3. Would you like us to organize any special events in the community?
  4. What are YOUR favoriite cultural events in our AREA?
  5. And then there’s the final question. Would you like to attend the reception the Council is planning for grant recipients?

CC-the-artsWant an easy way to answer? Simply CLICK ON THIS LINK and a specially-formatted email box will open up. It contains all of the questions and spaces for your answers. When you’re done answering, send it like any other email message.

Doane Cemetery Cleanup a Success . . .

Hawley Website Visitors
Subject: Doane Cemetery Clean-Up

Thank you to all who helped with the Doane Cemetery clean-up on April 30. Check it out. It looks spectacular!!.

Rich Cook and Sarah Ohmann
Greg and Ben Cox and Sue Draves
Georgette Defriesse
Cinni Donovan (also for coffee and muffins)
Dick and Mary Gelinas
Jane Grant

Paul Lacinski and Amy Klippenstein of Side Hill Farm (also for water and yogurt)
Rick Kean and Anne Hamilton-Kean
Jerry McCarthy
Ray and Melanie Poudrier
Lark Thwing
John Sears

And thanks to Serra Root for providing bottled water for the tired and thirsty.
Here Are Some Photo’s (Click to Enlarge)

New Warrant Format Works Well . . .

VOTERS AT MONDAY’S ANNUAL TOWN MEETING (May 9) took Hawley’s new budget format in stride as they completed the actions required of them on 22 warrant items in just over two hours. Unlike previous years, when budget line items were presented separately, this time around the entire budget was handled as a single warrant item.

This did not mean that the budget had to be voted on as one lump sum. Voters were still free to “drill down” and consider each line item individually, and, under the direction of Acting Moderator Scott Purinton, did so often as the evening progressed.  Even so, there were very few questions from the floor about the format or how the budget pieces fit together.

(Note: this image was created by combining three different sections of the warrant document.)
Annual Town Meeting Warrant – 2016 [.pdf file]

During the course of the meeting, a few minor changes were made to the Town budget for FY ’17.  Download the final version here:


Hawley Town Nurse . . .

WALK-IN CLINIC SCHEDULED FOR JUNE — Regional nurse-haPublic Health Nurse Lisa White, RN, BS, has scheduled the next walk-in clinic at Charlemont Federated Church for June 14 from 10:30 am until noon.  Services provided will include:

♦ Help with Self-Management of Medication / Health Issues
♦ Blood Pressure Screening
♦ Blood Glucose Screening
♦ Health Information
♦ Needle/Sharps disposal
♦ Mercury Thermometer disposal

These services are contracted on behalf of Hawley residents by the Hawley Board of Health, and are provided by the Franklin Regional Council of Governments.

Download a flier HERE.